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How To Use a Direct Sales Strategy To Grow your Franchise

The interpersonal connection created by using direct sales tactics has generated billions of dollars and made companies like Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware and the Fuller Brush Company wildly successful. It combines the power of storytelling with a friendly, professional attitude, passion about a product, building relationships and leading with value. Direct marketing leverages the power of public relations, advertising, direct mail campaigns and radio and television commercials to reach a mass audience. The following are 7 tips for using a well-crafted combination of direct sales tactics and direct marketing strategies to make your franchise successful.

1. Targeted Research

Using the available data on the needs, goals and desires of your target market and identifying what it would take to make your products and services irresistibly attractive to them is effective use of targeted research. Savvy business owners use that data to inform direct one-on-one interactions and direct marketing methods that reach and attract consumers and convert interpersonal connections, effective marketing strategies and the needs and desires of consumers into sales. Effective targeted research can help satisfy the needs of customers, improve their quality of life and generate revenue by making customers excited to purchase your products.

2. Create Effective Content

Creating exciting, compelling, effective content is another key to attracting consumers to modern franchises and making them successful. It’s not enough to simply build a website or create a marketing campaign using stale, outdated, dormant, content if you want to draw customers to your new franchise. You have to consistently update your website and marketing materials with relevant content to enhance search engine optimization. Over 70% of marketing experts say relevant content and blogging meaningful, compelling and enticing information about your franchise 16 times a month generates exponentially more leads and sales.

3. Become Social Media Savvy

There’s no denying the effectiveness of using social media marketing to engage with consumers, promote sales and specials and learn about the products that are of interest to consumers. Consistent use of social media marketing broadens the breadth of the audience that is aware of your franchise. Plus, research shows that 72% of adults who use the internet utilize Facebook. There are over 500 million active monthly Instagram users and 450 people who are members of LinkedIn. Add the 30% of millennials regularly active on Snapchat and that’s a huge potential market your franchise can engage and participate in meaningful communication with on social media.

4. Stay In Contact

You need to keep your franchise on the minds of consumers every day if possible. This improves the chances they will choose your company when they are ready to spend. One way to do this is through constantly and consistently communicating with them through e-mail and text marketing campaigns and social media posts. Use every opportunity to collect contact information from customers and prospects and regularly share meaningful and useful information, discount coupons and alerts about sales and specials. Invite them to provide product reviews and ratings and other types of feedback and keep the lines of communications open.

5. Use More Videos In Marketing Campaigns

People love video advertising. It’s a tried-and-true marketing method. Video accounts for about 69% of consumer internet traffic and has helped to increase sales by about 22% in the past 5 years. That’s important because direct mail responses are expected to decline by almost 20% over the next few years. Plus, only 13% of print publication readers look at the ads and only 55% of direct mail is ever opened. With television commercials ignored by 86% of viewers and almost 80% of web surfer not looking at online ad copy, adding videos to your marketing campaigns is the most effective way to get consumers attention and purchases.

6. Give Away Free Samples

Giving away free samples is a great direct sales strategy you can use to grow your franchise. Many startups don’t have a lots of money to finance large, comprehensive, marketing initiatives to help with brand recognition. Convincing consumers to purchase products with which they are not familiar can be tough. Giving away free samples is a direct selling strategy that has proven to be very effective. It enables customers to become familiar and impressed with your product, generates sales and makes consumers more willing to purchase it. Giving away free samples can also help develop trusting relationships between franchises and their customers and lead to repeat sales and word-of-mouth referrals that can help franchises to succeed.

7. Offer Extras

Customers love getting more than they pay for. One way your franchise can attract and retain customers through direct sales is to offer extra incentives. That means using inducements like discounts, half-off offers, buy one get one for free or providing value-added services like free gift wrapping or free shipping. Announcing a percentage of your franchise’s sales will be used for charitable donations and sponsorships of local sports teams and social services organizations is another extra that will raise your franchise’s profile, connect with consumers and increase sales.

The Power Of Direct Sales Marketing

Using direct sales marketing techniques and methods can enable your franchise to connect with consumers and create valuable relationships that lead to more to sales. You don’t need overly aggressive sales representatives that badger potential customers on the phone or in person. The proper approach is to develop a reputation for being trustworthy and offering consumers high-quality, value-added, products and services that are affordable and easily accessible. The direct selling model offers unique opportunities to use knowledge of and passion for your products combined with exceptional customer service and a good user experience to differentiate your franchise and nurture strong partnerships by giving consumers more than they pay for and expect.

Make Every Customer Feel Valued

Direct sales strategies work best when they build a connection and make customers feel like they are the franchise’s valued family members. This fosters loyalty, creates trust, makes customers comfortable and leads strong, mutually-beneficial relationships that result in increased repeat sales, unmatched customer satisfaction and successful franchises.

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