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Strategies to Effectively Shorten A Long Sales Cycle

Getting through a long sales cycle can feel tedious, boring, and exhausting, especially if you are looking forward to beginning a new sales cycle. If you want to help speed up a longer sales cycle, there are a few marketing strategies to keep in mind once you begin chatting with a new prospective client until you have closed a deal and completed a sale. With the right marketing strategies, learn how to effectively appeal to prospective customers while also expediting the process of generating sales and collecting revenue.

Marketing Strategies to Speed Up a Longer Sales Cycle

1. Rank Your Leads

Each time you generate a new lead, create a ranking for it. Separate hot leads, lukewarm leads, and colds leads from one another so you do not forget which lead to tackle first. Ranking any leads you receive is one of the best ways to expedite the process of closing sales without missing an opportunity to obtain a new client or paying customer.

2. Automate Marketing Tasks

Automation is one of the most useful tools for both individuals and entrepreneurs alike. Using automation tools to speed up a longer sales cycle can provide you with additional time to spend on generating even more sales. Use automation tools to take care of various tasks and daily responsibilities from data entry to keeping track of automatic updates and changes made to your company’s system.

3. Create Goals for Each Phonecall You Make

Create clearly defined goals for each business sales call you make to both new and current clients. Having a clearly defined goal for each of your sales calls is a way to ensure you are on the right track once you begin sharing your pitch and attempting to close the deal. When you have a set script in place along with milestones and goals to reach, it is much easier to achieve what you set out to do with each of your leads.

4. Research Individual Clients Before Calls or Meetings

Spend some time researching each client you intend to call individually prior to meeting or speaking with them directly. Get to know more about the individual you are connecting with along with their lifestyle, career, and needs. Determine why your prospective client or customer may need the products, services, or information you are offering. How can you convince them that they need what you are selling in their lives?

It is also important to prepare for each business call you have planned by preparing responses if you are rejected or told no. Not all individuals are likely to feel immediately receptive to a sales pitch, which is why it is so important to prepare responses to various rejection lines you may receive from time to time.

5. Use a Well-Defined and Proven Sales Process

Use a strong and well-defined proven sales process when connecting with prospective customers. Test multiple techniques to determine which method works best to appeal to your core target audience.

6. Get Personal With Your Marketing Strategy

Use customized messaging and get personal with your marketing strategy. Contact prospective customers based on their needs or specific personal information they have shared with you in the past. If your customer has a birthday coming up, send a gift card or an exclusive offer to pique their interest and to motivate them to visit your website or call your company directly. The more personal a company appears, the easier it is for an individual to place their trust in them. Personalized marketing campaigns go a long way whether you are closing sales via telephone, email, or by driving traffic to your official website and eCommerce storefront.

7. Clarify Pricing Upfront

Always clarify pricing upfront when you want to speed up a longer sales cycle, especially if you intend on generating sales immediately after sharing your pitch. The longer you wait to share the price of your products or services, the more likely you are to encounter rejection from a customer who has suddenly become disinterested in hearing what you have to say. Stating the price of your products and services upfront is a way to then continue sharing the features, highlights, and benefits of what you are offering to persuade customers to give you a chance.

8. Choose Your Marketing Channels Wisely

Consider which marketing channels perform the strongest for your brand online. While some companies may thrive with their email marketing campaigns, others may benefit from social media platforms and third-party advertising. Some of the most prominent social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In addition to email and social media marketing, it is also possible to use your own content within marketing campaigns you launch along with third-party advertising opportunities. Using services such as Google AdWords is one way to get started with promoting your sales campaigns and pitches online.

9. The Importance of User Accessibility

If prospective customers and clients are unable to reach you, contact you, or learn more about you, it becomes extremely difficult to generate sales and revenue. Provide your current and new customers with a website that is easily accessible whether they are browsing using their desktop computer, laptop, or even their mobile smartphone.

User accessibility is paramount when it comes to generating sales, especially when you are attempting to do so online or over the phone. Always ensure your prospective and current customers have access to your official app, your website, your eCommerce store, and any other platform you use to attract visitors and process sales.

10. Choose the Right Company Voice

Choosing the right voice for your business is extremely vital, especially when you are targeting a highly specific demographic or audience. Avoid sounding too corporate or robotic if your business and brand has a casual image and audience. On the contrary, avoid sounding too casual and lenient if your business has a reputation for being reputable and prestigious.

11. Add a Sense of Urgency Into Your Marketing Campaigns

Adding a sense of urgency into your marketing material can motivate individuals to make their purchase. Inform prospective customers of a sale that is almost over or an offer that is only available for 24 hours to incentivize them to buy.

12. Spend More Time With Customers

Are you spending enough time in person with your customers and clients? Do you want to spend more quality time consulting with prospective clients and meeting with those who are in need? Consider cutting back on staff meetings to spend more time with those who are utilizing your business for the products, services, or information they need.

13. Leverage Testimonials and Professional Connections

Request positive testimonials and reviews from those you have worked with in the past or reputable clients and customers you have. Provide customers who allow you to share their testimonials online with additional discounts or freebies to encourage their participation. Use testimonials to motivate users to trust you and to complete their purchase from you.

14. Provide Last-Minute Reminders, Deals, and Discounts

Send reminder emails and newsletters to customers that include discounts, exclusive offers, and discounts that are unavailable anywhere else. Using last-minute reminders is a great way to motivate individuals to make a purchase. You can also use last-minute offers and promotional deals when calling customers directly, especially when you are working with a loyal customer who has purchased from you in the past.

15. Make it Easy to Contact You Directly

Provide a simple method of contacting you that is easily accessible on all pages of your website along with your social media pages. Implement a direct-to-phone button that allows users to call directly from their mobile phone or from a desktop calling service such as Skype. Add a direct email address as well as a mailing address to the contact section of your website if you are targeting locals in your area.

Knowing which marketing strategies work best for your business model and the industry you represent is essential to truly succeed with speeding up longer sales cycles. With the right marketing strategies in place and an understanding of your target consumers, learn how to effectively speed up longer sales cycles to provide you with even more time to generate additional revenue and success.

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