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How To Use Sponsorship Marketing Strategies To Grow your Franchise

If you have a business franchise and are looking for revenue to fund your company, a sponsorship marketing strategy can be the ideal solution. Sponsorship marketing uses strategies similar to promotional techniques used in successful public relations for a business venture. By sponsoring events, programs and projects that are of special interest to your clients and target market, you can grow your franchise significantly.

Consumers with interests and needs that are similar to those of your regular customers who attend these programs and events may be learning about your business for the first time. By attending these attractive and engaging events, they will discover your brand, products and services.

They will remember your logo and make note of your marketing, sales and servicing locations. Your event attendees and participants will also learn about your national or global sales and service reach. Each of these seminars, concerts, sports competitions, product expos and other promotional events will bring you new customers from a wider audience of your target market.

If you market your franchise and brand by sponsoring sports events, you should notify the manufacturer of the brand sports equipment used. Even large national or international brands will appreciate hearing about your sponsored event. These large corporations have grown and thrived by gaining new customers for their brands over time, even through events in small towns and city neighborhoods.

These large manufacturers understand the real value of building a wide-reaching business base that appeals to their target audience, wherever it may be. Your franchise may sponsor a rock concert that offers displays of your brand’s custom-designed T-shirts, backpacks, hats and jackets featuring the performing bands. By notifying related key companies in the industry about your event, you can increase your own credibility and franchise recognition.

While promoting larger commercial enterprises like audio technology and recording companies or music promoters and labels by including their marketing material in your event promotion, you can also make strong, stable alliances for your franchise that can lead to further collaboration, growth and success for your business.

Seven Effective Tips for Growing Your Franchise with a Sponsorship Marketing Strategy

The seven most valuable tips for growing your business franchise using a sponsorship marketing strategy include the following:

1. Sponsor Event Marketing Locally and Globally

Localized sponsored event marketing is helpful for startup franchises in the early stages. By involving the local community in early promotional events, you can gain interest and support as you start building your business. You can attract customers in your neighborhood and nearby areas. Successful local merchants may include you in their promotional activities and plans, which can also boost your business.

For continued growth and expansion of your franchise, you need to start transforming local events into a web model or lucrative network. You have experienced how a local sports event, concert, open-house, startup party or other event can bring you a few hundred or thousand potential customers. Now imagine how a nationwide or global marketing event for your brand promoted digitally can multiply your customer base exponentially.

2. Let Your Targeted Audience Work for You

With well-designed, continuous marketing, your targeted leads are likely to share your event information with friends, family or business associates. In this way, you can acquire viral visibility for your brand without overspending. In fact, many times you can gain this extra exposure for your franchise at no additional cost. Your enthusiastic target-market followers will voluntarily join your marketing efforts, promoting your event with each new share via social media.

3. Start Marketing Well in Advance

By starting your marketing strategies well ahead of the scheduled date of an event that your franchise is sponsoring, you will gain a wider audience. Members and potential members of your target market will take note of your coming event. You can keep the buzz going by creating a Facebook event page. You can also schedule auto-postings on social media during the time leading up to your event along with e-blasts.

These marketing techniques will drive web traffic to your RSVP or lead-capturing landing page. You can also raise brand awareness with digital ads and social media posts to increase and sustain interest in your upcoming marketing event. These powerful online strategies along with locally placed posters, banners and invitation cards can boost your event marketing success impressively.

4. Keep Marketing During Your Event

It is essential to maintain your marketing momentum throughout your scheduled event. Whether you are sponsoring a concert, speaking event, sports-related event or mini-marathon, your current and potential clients will engage more strongly with your franchise and brand when you create a sense of community during a sponsored event.

Your target audience will feel included, sensing the energy and excitement of your dynamic business, products and services. They will feel part of new beginnings that are designed to continue to their benefit, and their enthusiasm will progress to interest, product purchases and future loyalty as regular customers for your brand.

5. Focus on Brand Messaging and Consistency

You can optimize event engagement online by simplifying photo sharing of the event that your franchise is sponsoring with use of a branded geofilter on Snapchat. You can also share videos of your event by uploading them to YouTube. While the event is in progress, you can also share engaging photos and videos using Instagram Stories. By creating a Facebook Group for your marketing event and franchise, you can interact with event attendees and other interested members of your target audience.

6. Engage in Post-Event Marketing

It is easy to make the mistake of abandoning an event’s marketing campaign as soon as the event ends. However, for best results, you should continue your marketing efforts with follow-up social medial posts, blogs, newsletters and emails. By including photos, videos and event participants’ testimonials in your post-event marketing materials, you will sustain interest in your brand.

Your target market will be reminded to look for future marketing promotions from your franchise. If you incorporate user-created content, such as event-related hashtags, you will also alert your clients and potential customers of your desire to engage with them on a regular basis.

7. Consider Consulting a Digital Agency Partner

When you consult a top-rated digital agency partner that works specifically with franchises, this agency’s experts can help you simplify event marketing strategies. They can be of great assistance in protecting your brand while promoting success across all of your marketing venues and methods. This will enable your franchise to experience significant, rewarding growth at both the local and brand levels.

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