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Spas & Beauty Company Marketing Ideas and Services To Increase Sales

The spa and beauty industry can be tough to manage for multiple reasons. No matter the areas your business struggles, there is always room to improve. Since this is a full industry, you will need to do what helps you stand out from your competitors.

Common Issues Seen in the Spa and Beauty Industry

Here are five common issues seen for business owners in this field.

Your Employees Don’t See a Career

If employees feel they do not have a future with your company, they are much more likely not to take it as seriously. When someone isn’t taking their tasks to heart, they are likely to perform more poorly. That can lead to poor customer service, continual call-offs, and a high turnover rate.

Research indicates high turn over rates are very much geared toward changing upper management. When upper management changes, employees report a struggle in operational styles. This leads to employee dissatisfaction, increasingly the likelihood of change in employment.

Poor Quality Customer Service

Excellent customer service is more commonly seen from happy employees. If an employee loves their job, they are much more likely to treat customers with utmost respect.

To bank off the previous struggle, this is typically due to upper management and employees being dissatisfied. By implementing incentives for employees, you will give them more of a will to perform in an efficient manner.

You can try to create a wellness program or other programs to boost employee satisfaction which will, in turn, heighten customer satisfaction.

No Recurring Customers

Your spa is likely a busy place, but it is important to make time for your customers on a personal level. Because the industry is saturated, it becomes difficult to have something fresh to offer.

If your customer doesn’t feel the experience at your spa offers something personal for them, they will likely not come back. If you give your customers an impressionable experience, they will remember you and want to return for business.

Retail Products Won’t Sell

You may find that you have a wall of products with no buyers. While moving products can seem like a never-ending struggle, this can be solved by teaching your employees basic sales tactics.

If you teach your employees to have conversations with customers, weaving in sales tactics without being overblown or obvious, you are likely to see an increase in sales. It is a matter of taking time to speak with customers about needs and offering products as solutions.

You’re Overwhelmingly Busy

It is no secret that those in spa management put in a lot of hours. While you may view this as part of the job, you will need to learn to pace yourself. You have to grasp your work/life balance. It is important to find that happy medium to prevent yourself from burning out.

If you find your scheduling is off the charts and you are overwhelmingly busy, expansion may be worth looking into.

Marketing Solutions for Better Business

Try out some of these marketing strategies to help keep business consistent and promote growth.

Automated Scheduling

If your business has not yet had the pleasure of using automated scheduling, it is something you could benefit from tremendously. Having this software will take a load off your receptions and allow them to schedule and cancel appointments at their leisure.

Research has shown that well over half of customers prefer the ease of self-service. You can also choose self-scheduling software that allows you to rank higher in Google, creating a higher influx of potential customers.


There is nothing like getting your company involved with your community. While marketing services on social media platforms is successful, engaging with local businesses, non-profits, or charities can be helpful as well.

Not only will this teach locals about your services and entice them to visit, but it will also give your employees a chance to engage in volunteer work. It has been shown that employees who participated more in volunteer work felt more rewarded in the workplace.

Take Advantage of Social Media

We are in a technology-driven world. Most people get all of their information from the internet, making it marketplace heaven. However, with so many like-services, it is important to learn how to stand out.

If your website doesn’t have a blog or multiple social media accounts, maybe it is time to think about expanding on that. You can give your readers tips, tricks, interesting videos, and other captivating headlines to draw in attention.

Make sure you are using the appropriately trending topics or hashtags to make you come up more during searches. There are plenty of ways social media can be your friend. Learning how to tackle your platforms properly is incredibly valuable.

Gift Cards and Giveaways

People are always looking for gift ideas. It can be hard to pinpoint an actual item someone would want, so gift cards come in handy. If someone can give a gift card to your spa, they can choose the services they want. They can even overspend the amount of the card, making your business extra money.

Giveaways are another fun one to try because who doesn’t like free stuff? This is a great way to grow email lists and appeal to people on social media who seek the types of services you offer. Free giveaways often trigger lots of searching eyes, leading to a lot of traffic.

Email Lists

That leads us to the importance of email lists. Email lists are a great means of letting your customers know what your business is up to at the present moment. You can send out offers, updates, and new products.

This is a good reminder to them frequently, even if they don’t use the emails. They will remember your business so that the next time they require your services, you are the first they that comes to mind.


Memberships are excellent because it makes customers feel special. It’s almost like its own secret club. You can set up offers exclusive to only members. That also helps in terms of ensuring they will come back since they have already paid for the exclusive service.

It is a means of creating loyalty amongst your client base. It is a win-win, as it makes customers feel appreciated and brings you regular business.

To Summarize

Marketing your business is incredibly vital to your success. If you don’t get the word out there, you could suffer the dreaded reality that you have sunken into an abyss of other spas. You will blend in instead of standing out.

Implementing the proper strategies for your business, making employees and customers feel valued, and using your resources to get your name out there are all vital to success. If there are things you haven’t tried to improve areas of weakness, get creative! You can only gain from it.