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Branding & Logo Design

Logo design services and branding solutions to make your business more professional and memorable

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Your brand is defined by how you interact at every touchpoint you have with your customers – both online and offline.

Without brand consistency, each time your business engages with potential customers, the experience you provide will lack the brand focus needed to increase brand awareness and brand satisfaction – awareness and satisfaction leads to an increase in sales and repeat customers.

Our team of branding experts and logo designers can help you identify inconsistencies across engagement points and craft a plan to help you create a consistent and powerful experience that builds your brand.


Bill cares about his work and holds himself to a very high standard.

I worked with Bill for several years and was always impressed with his technical know-how combined with his easy-going style. He is smart and very, very hard working. Bill is driven and knows what he wants to do.

DJ Francis, Founder, Hub and Spoke Marketing

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