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How To Use a PPC Advertising Strategy To Grow your Franchise

PPC advertising lets you place keyword-relevant ads in front of users on search engines and social media platforms. Every time someone clicks on an ad, it comes out of the budget for your campaign. Because PPC ads are usually tied to a keyword, location, or demographic, they’re a great way to attract a highly specific type of business.

For franchise owners, PPC ads represent a great way to advertise each of your individual franchise locations. Whether you’re running the campaign for one location or the entire franchise, you can use these PPC best practices and basics to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Take Advantage of Location Settings

No matter which PPC platform you plan to use, you should be able to specify a target location before you launch your campaign. This means that your ads will only be shown to people who live or work in a certain area. By specifying a geographic location, you ensure that you’re only paying for relevant traffic from customers who might actually visit your franchise.

Before you set a radius, think about how far customers are likely to drive for your services. Restaurants should stick to a 5-mile radius. Unique dealers and in-home service professionals might be able to extend that reach up to 10 or even 15 miles. You may also find success by focusing your campaign on a specific county, city, or neighborhood.

Use Location-Based Keywords

Another way to ensure that you’re getting traffic from the right area is to use keywords that include a specific location. As an example, you might replace “mechanic” with “mechanic in Salt Lake City.” Because this keyword is more specific, you’ll get a lower price per click, and you’ll have less competition from businesses that offer the same service in different areas.

Location-based keywords are also a good way to differentiate your franchise locations. If you have two locations in the same city, try using “mechanic in East Salt Lake” and “mechanic in West Salt Lake” for your two respective campaigns. Think about the terms that customers will search to find your business, and craft your keywords to match.

Create Unique Landing Pages for Each Location

PPC ads always lead to a landing page. Usually, this page features information about your business and a contact form. You can also include deals, coupons, and strong calls to action.

If you’re running a campaign for multiple franchise locations, you should have a unique landing page for each one. These pages can be nearly identical copies of one another, but they should have text and features that differentiate them. In particular, you should make sure that the contact information and store address have been updated.

Using multiple landing pages will let you ensure that customers are being directed to the same location that they searched for. It will also make it easy to track which locations see the most success from your campaign.

Place Phone Numbers in Your Ad Descriptions

PPC ads charge your account for every click, but they don’t necessarily charge your account for views. One clever trick is to include your phone number in the ad description. For the cost of about 12 characters, your ad will feature a click-free method of contact that might drive more customers to your business.

Although this trick doesn’t always save money, it also serves the important purpose of identifying each franchise location. Customers will recognize their local area code, and if they’ve called your location before, they might even recognize the phone number.

Read Your Reports

The easiest way to tell if your PPC ad campaign is working is to read the reports that are generated by the service. See which keywords are performing well, and cut or alter keywords that are performing poorly. You should also check the metrics from your landing page to see how many customers have actually used the provided contact method.

Reports are particularly helpful when you’re managing campaigns for multiple franchise locations. Customers in different areas act differently. If one of your locations isn’t seeing as much traffic, you may need to make adjustments to that particular campaign. Make a habit of reviewing reports and making small tweaks until you see optimized results.

Focus on Struggling Locations

When you first start your PPC ad campaign, you’ll probably begin by promoting the franchise as a whole. However, once you’re familiar with the way that PPC ads work, you should focus your efforts on locations that need the extra business.

In most cases, you’ll only be able to attach one location to a keyword at any given time. Although each location should have its own area-specific keywords, you will need to decide where to direct traffic from generic keywords like “mechanic.” These keywords are a good way to send business to one of your locations that could use more traffic overall.

It’s only a good idea to promote a struggling location if you’re confident that the staff can handle the extra flow of business. If you’re worried, consider sending traffic from more popular keywords to your most stable locations instead.

Craft Well-Branded Ads

When you’re running an ad campaign for a franchise, branding becomes more important than ever before. Ads that are designed for a single location will still impact the way that your franchise is seen as a whole. Remember, impressions can be just as valuable as clicks; this is especially true when you’re trying to cement your business as part of a local community.

To keep your ads on-brand, use the same style of professional copy for each location’s campaign. You may even want to re-use the same ads across multiple locations. Make sure that you update the geographic and contact info for each one.

There are many different ways to tweak and optimize your PPC ad campaign. Before you go live, consider seeking out the services of a professional PPC consultant. They’ll be able to make sure that you’re using the full capabilities of your platform and that you’ve chosen keywords that will actually drive results.

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