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We’re Built Differently, So We Act Differently.

Our Story Drives Your Success

Built With

The team at the Nobul Agency is comprised of senior-level expert SEO consultants, website and print designers, and digital strategists from top digital agencies and brands spanning four US States. Our team has cross-industry experience, allowing us to help many types of companies and brands.


Nobul Agency Founder

Bill Ross

Bill started his consulting career while living in Raleigh over a decade ago. Bill’s background in digital marketing and building online companies has helped him rise to strategic lead for some of the largest brands in the world.


Lead Designer & Developer

Benjamin Jenkins

Benjamin is a Design/Developer with a decade of experience working with marketing teams to develop strong brand identities and design/develop remarkable websites that engage prospects and make lasting impressions. These days, he specializes in developing with the award-winning content management systems Craft and WordPress.


Lead Copywriter

Evan Moncada

Evan is originally from Louisiana. She graduated from Louisiana College with a Degree in English Language and Literature/Letters. Evan is passionate about helping clients communicate effectively in an age where they are presenting themselves largely via written content across a screen. She uses her communication and writing skills to help brands represent themselves professionally, uniquely, and in their own voice.