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Great Manufacturer Web Design Includes These Strategies

Website design for manufacturing and industrial companies has traditionally been an afterthought. The companies we have spoken with assume that just because they’re not selling directly to consumers (what most consider B2C), their website didn’t matter.

Every business has a consumer, whether products are sold directly, or through a distributor. Even if you’re not selling directly to consumers, you still need to be a resource and present a positive brand experience. In short, everyone who engages with your manufacturing or industrial company is still, at their core, consumers of your brand.

Manufacturing Web Design & SEO Essentials

We’ve analyzed many websites and marketing campaigns for manufacturers and industrial companies and find the majority of their websites fall short of having some of the basics that website users have grown to expect.

Over 50% of people who come to your website will form an opinion about your company simply from the design of your website and experience they have while using it. How you present your business online impacts your manufacturing brand.

The following is a list of essentials that your manufacturing or industrial website design should include to help build band awareness and a positive affinity for your company.

Great Website Design

Just because you’re not selling anything, does not mean your website should be outdated or cheaply made. Having a great website includes creating an online experience that represents your brand and gives consumers a good feeling (aka: positive affinity) about using your products or services.

Manufacturing Web Design Tip: To ensure your website, products, and brand can be found in Google, search engine optimization should be a core strategy during your design. If your web design agency are not SEO experts we can work along side them to make sure your new website ranks well in Google.

Solution Pages Are Key

This next concept is one of the hardest things to grasp for most companies, because they think everyone is familiar with their products and therefor their website should just focus on products. This misinformation causes most companies to miss opportunities for additional exposure or sales.

Website Architecture Tip: From our research we find that most users are searching for solutions to their problems, and in many cases are oblivious to your products. So, make sure you align your navigation, key pages, and site structure with how your users think about your services or products – as solutions to problems.

Community Involvement and Giving Back

This is one area that can have a huge impact on band awareness and positive affinity for your brand. Your website should have a section that showcases how your company is involved with the community and how your company uses its influence to give back to the community.

Product Pages

As mentioned above, product pages may not need to be the sole focus of your website, but they do need to be easily accessible for those who want to learn more about them.

Most people who will search for your product name within Google will be familiar with the benefits and solutions your company provides, therefore they will be looking for use cases and additional product information such as the following.

Product pages should include:

  • A In-depth Product Description
  • Professional Photographs of Your Products
  • Videos Showing Your Product in Action
  • Digital and Downloadable Brochures
  • In-depth Product Specifications

CRM Integration

There are many enterprise CRMs that can easily integrate with your website – usually with just a quick copy and past of some code. Integrating your CRM directly with your website is key for lead management, email marketing, and giving users the customer service they expect.

Distributor and Reseller Section

This section should include two primary areas:

  1. An interactive map for consumers to find where they can purchase your products.
  2. A password protected section that is specifically for your resellers or distributors.

When we talk with manufacturing companies that use resellers and distribution channels to sell their products, most still want to drive traffic to their own website using SEO. To do this effectively the content that is on your website needs to be the most valuable for users, and unique.

To accomplish this, we recommend setting up a password protected area where distributors can find content assets they can use on their own websites to sell your products. This area should include:

  • Unique Product Copy
  • Product Videos
  • Products Stats

We also recommend adding a content clause to your contracts that states resellers and distributors may only use content that is located in this password protected area, and may not copy content from your website directly.


If your current manufacturing or industrial company website does not represent your brand, and include, at minimum the above items, give us a call and we can help you position your company and build your brand with your consumers.