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How To Use An Email Marketing Strategy To Grow your Franchise

Engagement is a key factor in an email marketing strategy, especially when you want to grow your franchise. In the digital world of millions of emails sent daily, you must stand out of the crowd to ensure an existing or potential customer even opens the email to read it. Part of your email marketing strategy should include a regular review of subscriber engagement data. This enables you to refine your messages and tailor them to your target customers. Still, you can also use proven techniques to increase engagement with your customers.

How do you make your franchise’s emails more engaging? Below are seven tips to help you.

1. Video engagement

In general, most people process visual content prior to text. It is increasingly important to use video to optimize engagement data. Not only do people process visuals first, they understand the message much faster than written text. Visuals can make or break your marketing campaign outcomes. Your customers judge the message of your email content almost instantly. Visuals such as video as well as typography and layout have a huge impact on first impressions.

Video is proving to be especially productive in email marketing strategies by positively affecting most key metrics like clickthrough, open rate and response rate. If you add motion in the visuals – hence videos – the individual’s processing rate increases almost exponentially. This is true with GIF thumbnails as well as videos. People are attracted to watch what is moving.

2. Relevant, unique images

Videos take time and money to produce, so many email marketing campaigns use images instead. Depending on the image, it can be just as engaging as the equivalent of a moving picture. According to WebDAM, emails that include images have a 650 percent higher rate of customer engagement than a text-only email. However, it is important to note that stock photos may actually lower engagement. Most people want to relate to the real humans who are behind the advertisement and in your franchise locations, not a picture-perfect model or someone disconnected from the product or service you offer. If your advertisement doesn’t promote the human factor, be sure to use your written text to fill in the blanks.

3. Mobile-optimized, responsive email templates

This is the era of mobile devices. Most people read their emails over a mobile device. This means that your email templates that you great for your franchise need to be optimized for those devices. Web designers and developers have been addressing this trend for years now with their websites and apps. Customers now expect mobile optimization for all communication across the internet, although they may not call it that. Having a responsive email template will keep your customers engaged with your brand far better than a non-responsive design. This will eliminate their frustrations that result from zooming in and out to read the message.

4. Subject line marketing

You may have created the most engaging and productive content in the email message. However, if the customer simply sends the unopened email to the spam folder, your efforts have been defeated. You need a subject line that prompts people to open the email. Customers open only about 20 percent of marketing emails, which means that four out of five go to the trash bin unopened. It will not matter how good the content is or how enticing your images are if the prospective customer doesn’t open the email. The subject line is the most critical element of your email campaign.

In fact, your subject line is so crucial to success that your content creator will likely spend as much time on it as they do on the actual content in the email. Typically, you want to ensure the subject line is short (not more than five to seven words), to the point and highly engaging. You can experiment to pinpoint what works with your target audience. Stay on top of the engagement data to refine and improve the results.

5. Excellent content

It is tempting to trivialize design and branding as something nice to have rather than a critical element to email marketing. However, you should make this as much of a priority with emails as with other forms of marketing. You may be tempted to set it aside for the time being. You may think you can address it once your franchise is more established. Yet, the purpose of your email marketing strategy is to grow your franchise. Design and layout are crucial to the success of the campaign. When you prioritize good design, you are better set to prevail in the perception wars with your competitors. Good-looking, well-designed emails will make better first impressions.

6. Excellent writing

This is especially true if you rely on text-only email marketing campaigns for your franchise. Unless the text makes an immediate, excellent first impression, the reader will likely toss it out. Your efforts at crafting a subject line that succeeds in prompting the reader to open the email just got wasted.

Writing well should be a must for any content creator you hire. Crafting a concise message is an art form that must be integrated with the science of SEO. Your message should quickly convey the answer to three questions: What products or services are you offering? How will it help or solve a pain point for the reader? What should the reader do next? You must include the answers in your text to ensure the content will resonate with the target audience. Clever content is nice. However, effective content convinces the reader to buy.

7. Localized content

Even if your franchise has a global customer base, the most effective email content is localized and adapted to the specific markets and audience. This makes the content more relevant. However, this doesn’t mean that you must have an inventory of 30 completely different versions of every email. Have just a few versions that are written so you can replace key details. Your content creator needs to adjust the message to make it exciting for your readers.

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