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26 Ways Small Businesses Can Attract New Customers

As any business owner would know, many parts go into creating and running a successful business. This can include anything from picking the right niche, building a comfortable working environment, and other similar factors. Not to mention, this is apart from any initial investments needed to pay for things like payroll and location costs.

Having said that, perhaps the biggest problem small businesses face after being established is attracting new customers. Even harder than that is learning how to keep them with what is known as customer acquisition strategies. Nonetheless, the source of this problem seems to stem from the way most small businesses implement their strategies. Given their size, they don’t often have the budget to spend on expensive tools and resources that can help them gain new customers. In many ways, this problem is also the downfall of most small businesses.

However, there are a few tips that go a long way in solving this issue. While no strategies can ever guarantee success, at the very least, these strategies can give small businesses a boost when it comes to acquiring new clients. With this in mind, let’s go over twenty-six of the best ways small businesses can attract new customers.

#1: Freebies, Special Offers, & Discounts

One of the more obvious ways a business can bring in a new customer is by providing special offers and discounts. This can come in many different forms such as price reductions or two-for-one deals on specific products. Remember, the point of free is not to give everything away. Rather, it serves as an opportunity to persuade customers to buy in other areas.

#2: Engage On Social Media

Given how big social media platforms are today, it comes as no surprise to learn how effective it is to market within these platforms. With millions of potential customers browsing on these platforms, engaging on social media can allow a business to bring in a new client in a way that is natural and relatable.

#3: Webinars

Webinars are another great way to attract new clients because of how informational they can be. People love having new information that they can apply to their daily lives. An effective way to attract new clients through webinars is by creating squeeze funnels or pages. This forces a client to give up information if they want access to a webinar.

#4: Word Of Mouth Marketing

Above everything else, the most popular way small businesses drive traffic is by word of mouth marketing. This is an effective strategy as it leaps over the hurdle most small businesses have as far as experience is concerned. This way, a client that has had a god experience can naturally spread awareness.

#5: Networking

A traditional strategy that still works as good as ever is networking. While networking is usually associated with employees looking for jobs, it can be a great way for small businesses to find new clients and business partners. Even better, there are many local networking events thrown almost every month.

#6: Corporate Social Responsibility

As far as overlooked methods of acquiring new customers are concerned, corporate social responsibility is perhaps the most overlooked. This method is a form of self-inspection and regulation that enforces strong internal policies. The way this works in getting new clients is that it keeps employees in check when it comes to providing high-quality services.

#7: Localization

Not to be confused with picking the right business location, which is also important, localization refers to the process of adapting to the local areas or business market. This can be done through changing products, services, or content to match the needs and wants of the local clients.

#8: Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is an effective strategy in that it shows a client that you are willing to go the extra mile. Whether it is through a personal email response, phone call, or another similar method, it also builds trust for your local business.

#9: Give Your Business A Facelift

Giving your business a facelift is effective in bringing in new clients in that it is broad in its approach. Depending on what situation a business is in, a business facelift can mean anything from changing niches, designing a new small business website, or creating a new logo. It allows businesses to make changes according to what they need.

#10: Get The (Right) Word Out

Apart from word of mouth or direct response marketing, getting the right word out is different in that it requires specific information. In most cases, getting the right word out means creating promotions, ads, or any other form of business awareness that will attract new clients using engaging and compelling.

#11: Use Target Market Analysis Data

Researching data is arguably the most significant way to look at business performance. As far as getting a new client, using target market analysis data is the way to go. This data provides details as to what a potential client might look like, where they are located, and how they are most likely to convert.

#12: Build A Solid Foundation With Current Customers

Similar to direct response marketing, building a solid foundation with current customers is effective in that it allows businesses to thrive in the area of a customer relationship. This is a critical component in long-term customer acquisition for businesses. In turn, the hope is that a current customer will naturally pass the word about your business to new clients.

#13: Position Yourself As The Answer

One of the most common mistakes among new businesses is that they sell themselves first as opposed to selling a solution to a problem. Instead of that, a great way to get new clients is to position your business as the answer to a problem. This gives potential clients an incentive to choose your product or services over a competing business.

#14: Identify Your Ideal Client

One of the quickest ways to attract new clients is by understanding who they are. By identifying your ideal client, you will have a better understanding of how to market to them, when to do it, and overall how to get their attention.

#15: Build Partnerships

Building partnerships is different from networking and client relationship building because it focuses on the business side of things. In this case, building relationships is in regards to making connections with other business partners with the idea of finding ways to help each other out. This includes coming up with ways to attract new clients.

#16: Follow Up

Following up with both new and returning clients is one of the best ways to build trust with them. Among other things, it allows your business to come off as more caring and responsible than other businesses. This method also goes a long way in keeping a customer in the long run.

#17: Have A Comprehensive, Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Some of the most successful businesses in the world attribute their success to having strong marketing strategies. By having a comprehensive, multichannel marketing strategy, it allows your business to cover all areas of marketing in a way that increases your chances of getting a client.

#18: Rely On Data

Worth repeating, data is one of the most effective ways to measure performance. However, more important than simply researching it is relying on it. By trusting the data that your business is performing under, it makes it easier as the owner to implement effective strategies and marketing methods that attract clients.

#19: Always Listen

Listening is another overlooked tip that business owners choose to ignore. In most cases, it’s better to show humility by taking someone’s advice rather than thinking you know what is best for your business. Even if the advice you receive is bad, at least it allows you to learn what not to do.

#20: Build A Solid Team

Simply put, there is no successful company without a strong team. By having a strong team to rely on, it allows for benefits such as brainstorming and information sharing that only boosts your chances of getting a new client.

#21: Have Friends With Benefits

In the business industry, having friends with benefits means having friends in high places. That said, it can also mean having friends that you know can spread awareness in their ways. This can be achieved through other methods such as networking and social media engagement.

#22: Leverage Existing Customers

Leveraging existing customers means giving them perks and personal attention as a way to get information back from them. Existing customers can provide some of the best information as they have all the qualities that a new client might have.

#23: Be Your Own Publicist

An important job within most businesses is a publicists job. They have the responsibility of setting business events, signings, and other networking type events. That said, by being your own publicist, you can put yourself in better positions given you known your business better than anyone else.

#24: Give A Speech

If you want to gain a new customer by coming off as professional as possible, the best way to do that would be through giving a public speech. This is also another opportunity to give out free information and details that persuade a client to buy from your business.

#25: Host An Event

An even better way to gain a client professionally is by hosting your own event. Whether it is a networking or any other professional social gathering, it allows other your business to become the center of attention in a way that is natural and convincing.

#26: Make It Known That You Take Care Of Your Customers

Last but not least, to gain a new customer, you have to show that your businesses take care of customers better than other businesses. In other words, you have to go the extra mile to provide quality customer care, personal service, and unmatched customer attention. These qualities will not only help in gaining new customers but nut also keeping them long term.

Thanks for reading "26 Ways Small Businesses Can Attract New Customers", by the Linchpin Team in Chicago, Raleigh, and Wake Forest.

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