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The Beginner’s Guide to Effectively Use Lead Magnets For B2B and eCommerce

What Is a Lead Magnet?

Lead magnets are a valuable marketing tool that many businesses use to gain important information from consumers. Lead magnets offer a reward or incentive that drives consumers to enter their email addresses and other personal information. It’s easy to create lead magnets for your company, but it’s difficult to create a good lead magnet that brings in quality leads that convert to actual sales. A good lead magnet is designed to target specific segments of the consumer population in order to bring in the most relevant leads.

You might be questioning why your staff should bother creating a reward for consumers who aren’t even purchasing something from your company. You must realize that the consumer that enters their personal email address into a form on your landing page is actually giving something incredibly valuable to your sales team. They are showing interest in the products and services that your company offers by taking a look at what you’re offering for free. Additionally, the consumer should expect your company to reach out to them through the contact information they’ve provided.

Steps to Create a Lead Magnet

You might be busy running your company, but this information will help you discuss the needs of your company with professional marketers. While it’s entirely possible to set up and maintain lead magnets on your own, many busy professionals leave that work up to their marketing department, and some companies will even hire a third-party marketing agency to assist in this endeavor. Having an understanding of this process will help you get the most out of your new lead magnet.

Step 1: Research Target Audience

Creating lead magnets that bring in high quality leads to your sales team involves doing research on which types of customers are using your products. The purpose of creating a lead magnet is to bring value to the lives of the people that might want to shop with your company. In order to bring value to the lives of the right people, you need to research the needs of your customers. Create high quality lead magnets that will attract the right groups of people.

Step 2: Create a Platform for the Magnet

After you’ve developed an understanding of the types of needs that the majority of your customers will have, you’re ready to create the perfect place for your lead magnet to live. In order to attract people to your lead magnet, you’ll need to create a website or landing page. This page should incorporate search engine optimization techniques to bring people to your lead magnet based on specific keywords. All platforms include a form for visitors to enter their email addresses and other personal information. However, it’s up to your marketing department to experiment with the amount of content that should be contained within the lead magnet’s landing page.

Step 3: Decide Upon the Perfect Lead Magnet

When the platform is set up, you’ll have a basic template that could be replicated to perform as a platform for numerous lead magnets. It’s time to choose which specific lead magnets to use for your company. It’s up to your marketing department to decide which magnet will perform best for your company’s purposes. When you are developing new magnets, it’s important to research what your competitors are offering. Put adequate time into making the magnet immensely valuable to each consumer that finds it.

How to Decide on a Topic

Deciding upon a topic for your lead magnet involves going over research about the needs of your customers. Additionally, you should research the types of content that has performed well through your distribution channels in the past. The people who have enjoyed your content in the past will be more likely to purchase something from your company if you introduce a lead magnet that matches their needs. More importantly, your previous content will help drive consumers to your lead magnets, so you should be aware of which content has performed well to put the most effort behind the work that gets the most recognition.

In addition to using your most attractive content as inspiration for lead magnets, your staff will be more comfortable creating a lead magnet that compliments something they are already familiar with using. If you are having someone from your company work on creating the lead magnet, then you will want to make sure those individuals are working on creating a product that they already understand. Your marketing department should work with consumers and employees to decide on which topic is most familiar to both sides of each sales transaction.

How to Name a Lead Magnet

The name that you pick for your lead magnet is directly related to the amount of quality leads that will be captured by that magnet. The name should act like a synopsis of what is contained within the lead magnet. A concise, direct name for your lead magnet will attract the highest quality leads because there will not be any confusion about what is contained within the lead magnet.

Additionally, the name should evoke an emotional response from the consumer. A name that offers to bring value to the consumer’s life with an exceptionally useful tool will guarantee more clicks from those that visit your page. Work with your marketing department to test out which names receive the best response. Although it’s important to name your lead magnet from the start, it’s possible to conduct research as it’s being created with intention to update the lead magnet’s name at a later time.

How to Choose the Right Lead Magnet Type

You might think that you know everything about your customer, but your sales staff are the people who are interacting with people on an individual basis. Sales and customer care employees deal with complaints about products, so they will have a good idea of what types of tools will make consumers happy. The magnet doesn’t need to incorporate your product, but the type of magnet that you choose to develop should make consumers want more from your company.

An article from Optin Monster breaks down lead magnets into five main categories. Companies create useful lead magnets to help users save time and energy. To help educate users, your company might choose to create educational lead magnets that are designed around the products offered by your company. Entertaining lead magnets serve the purpose of providing a source of entertainment for the end user. Many businesses create lead magnets that are based on building relationships within the community by creating conversations between consumers. The final type of lead magnet is one that is built to push out leads from the bottom of your lead funnel.

The Secret Ingredients to High Converting Lead Magnets

Are you ready to start implementing this profitable marketing strategy? Lead magnets work passively to gain business for companies in various industries. However, all of the successful lead magnets have the same things in common. These three secret ingredients will help you figure out which lead magnet is right for your company. You’ll need to master these three items in order to successfully build a lead magnet that performs to your company’s expectations.

Secret Ingredient #1: Specificity

Vague rewards are the biggest deterrent for visitors to your landing page. People want to know exactly what they will be getting when they hand over their coveted personal information. Being added to a newsletter with the promise of an unspecified reward will cause people to turn away from your pages.

Secret Ingredient #2: Easy to Digest

Even though there are some lengthy offerings that work well as lead magnets, the majority of successful lead magnets don’t require much time to read. People want a valuable tool to help solve their problems, and they want to be able to get to the point without needing to take a nap. Short PDFs and checklists work great as digestible lead magnets.

Secret Ingredient #3: Confidence in This Technique

Lead magnets have proven their effectiveness as valuable marketing tools for a long time. They are a viable marketing technique that will get quality leads for your company if everything is done correctly. However, many aspects of digital marketing take time to set up, and building a lead magnet that actually performs well takes a certain amount of confidence in the process.

20 Great Lead Magnet Ideas

  1. Magnet Idea #1: Templates are incredibly useful for business professionals. Individuals that have never worked with specific aspects of business search for templates to make their lives easier.
  2. Magnet Idea #2: Create a useful checklist that will help the user work towards a clear goal. It doesn’t take much time to create a checklist, and users will be able to read through the entire document without losing sleep.
  3. Magnet Idea #3: Compose a cheat sheet that provides a useful solution to a specific problem that users experience. This takes as much time to create as the checklist, but the cheat sheet should focus on obtaining a goal that the user intends to repeat. One example of a good cheat sheet topic is how to write article headlines.
  4. Magnet Idea #4: Examples are a valuable lead magnet tool that are simple to create. They appeal to the people who are searching on the internet for guidance, so the consumer will already be begging for help when they find your page.
  5. Magnet Idea #5: Use gated content to pull in more leads. By incorporating a popup form into the second half of your articles, your existing content will act as a lead magnet to users that want to read the remainder of the article.
  6. Magnet Idea #6: Another idea for an educational lead magnet is to create a tutorial. The tutorial could be for using your products, or it could be designed to help users with common problems by showing a video or PDF containing solutions.
  7. Magnet Idea #7: Some professionals warn against using eBooks as lead magnets. However, they do work well when the content is incredibly valuable to the user.
  8. Magnet Idea #8: Guides are another type of educational content that take a lot of time to create, but the value they bring to the user might cause more interest in your company.
  9. Magnet Idea #9: Creating a quiz is an easy way to bring an entertaining lead magnet to visitors of your website. People enjoy taking quizzes because they provide engaging answers to interesting questions.
  10. Magnet Idea #10: Try giving away a free prize to users that enter their email addresses. The prize should relate to your company and its products. It’s easy to keep people entertained by giving them a free gift.
  11. Magnet Idea #11: Instead of giving away a tangible prize, entertain users by giving away your company’s manifesto. This is an intriguing offer for some people who want to see the motives behind your company.
  12. Magnet Idea #12: Comic strips are entertaining lead magnets that people will share with their friends and colleagues. People are more likely to share their contact information if you offer to make them smile.
  13. Magnet Idea #13: In order to engage members of the online community, you should consider creating a challenge. Creating a challenge program as a lead magnet will attract leads of consumers that are specifically interested in the products that you’re selling.
  14. Magnet Idea #14: Try creating free registration for a membership section of your website. This will draw quality leads of consumers who are more willing to pay for membership if the signup costs are waved.
  15. Magnet Idea #15: Grant access to a private Facebook group in exchange for contact information.
  16. Magnet Idea #16: Creating a free trial is an excellent lead magnet to capture bottom of funnel leads.
  17. Magnet Idea #17: Offer a discount, coupon, or promotional code to consumers who are willing to submit their contact information.
  18. Magnet Idea #18: If an individual is interested in your services, a case study might help them finalize their buying decisions.
  19. Magnet Idea #19: Early-bird discounts make consumers feel like they’re getting a deal for acting immediately on opting in with their email addresses.
  20. Magnet Idea #20: Although it might require more dedication to create, video courses are a valuable lead magnet.

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