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Every Best In Class Swimming Pool Supply Store Website Design Should Include These 7 Things

Swimming pools take a lot of maintenance. That’s why so many people are constantly buying equipment and supplies. If you’ve recently started a swimming pool supply store and are looking for ways to attract new customers, then you should create your own website. A website is a great way to position you as an industry leader as well as generate new business. The key is to know what elements you should include on your page.

1. Account

Many businesses only require that the customer purchase their product once. However, this is not the case when it comes to a swimming pool supply store. Pools require constant maintenance which means that your customers will return regularly so that they can stock up on supplies. This presents the perfect opportunity for catering to your return visitors.

The best way to ensure that your visitors return to your supply store is to give them the ability to start an account with you. So include an account page on your website. Allow new users to create an account and returning users to sign in. This way, your customers can create an order that is recurring–whether you deliver the products directly to them or you package their order and have them pick it up from your store.

2. Blog

There are a lot of people who are new to pool maintenance or are experiencing problems with their pools. If you want to gain credibility and build your brand you should start a blog addressing their concerns. Perhaps you can create posts that tell them how to find leaks in their liners. Provide a tutorial on how they can get rid of rings around their pool. Provide guides on how to properly clean the pool. Let them know what causes red-eye and itchy skin. When you offer this kind of valuable information for free, it helps the visitor to trust you and they’ll be more likely to purchase their equipment from you. It also positions your company as an authority in the industry.

3. Services

Does your swimming pool supply store provide special services? If so, then you should create a page that lists these specific services. Do you replace the in-ground liners for your customers? Can you help your customers with removing their pool covers? Will you make special repairs to their pools? Do you offer cleaning services? This is great for attracting people who are in need of maintenance but have no idea where to start.

4. Products

There are a couple of options that you can choose from when it comes to your products page. You may choose to create an e-commerce section that will allow the customer to buy your merchandise directly from your store. In this case, you need to make sure that you create an accurate description for each product and how it can help your customer. You should also include the prices.

If you would prefer to have your customers come into the store, you can create categories for the items you sell. Your categories may include things such as upgrades, equipment, maintenance chemicals, and chemicals that solve problems. Each section can give a general overview of the items that you offer and how they can help your customers.

5. Photos

One of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention is with images. So make sure that your products section includes pictures of the items that you’re selling. Also, you should include images of pools and people swimming. This will help people to envision a pool that is being well-maintained and taken care of.

6. Rewards

Another great way to make sure that your customers return to your store is to offer special rewards. This is an excellent way to make sure that your store stands out from your competition. Create a rewards page for your website. The rewards page can show special promotions and discounts that only account holders have access to.

The types of rewards you offer may include special guarantees. You may offer a cashback reward for spending certain amounts in your store. You could offer special equipment protection. You may also offer extra rewards when someone purchases a certain item from your shop. The key is to make these offers seem very exclusive.

7. About

Some of your customers may be looking for another swimming pool supply store after leaving their old one. So there’s a good chance that they may want to know more about your company and the experience you have. Create an About page that lets your customers how long you’ve been in business and how many pools you’ve serviced.

Is your pool company one of the largest in the area? Is it a small family-owned business that’s passionate about pool maintenance? Are you an authorized dealer for a specific product line? Do you have access to any piece of equipment that they could ever want or need? These details can be extremely helpful.

The Takeaway

Pool maintenance can be very challenging. That’s why your customers are likely to stick with your company if you make things easy for them. If you want to let people know just how convenient your products and services are then it’s a good idea to set up a website. Your site needs to focus on the needs of your customers as well as any concerns they may have.

The best pool supply store websites have an account page so that it encourages customers to create a standing order. They have blogs so that they can provide valuable information and gain credibility and trust. They advertise the services that they offer. They list their products and make it easy for customers to make purchases online. They include images of well-maintained pools. Their website offers a rewards page to encourage return visitors to make more purchases. They also have an About section so that the customers can learn more about their background.