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Every Best In Class Snowmobile Dealer Website Design Should Include These 7 Things

Operating a snowmobile dealership takes a significant amount of dedication. You’re responsible for defining your brand, hiring the right salespeople, and securing the proper licensing. But perhaps the most challenging part of this job is attracting new customers to your establishment.

While you could use traditional marketing methods such as billboards, direct mailing, and radio ads, you can reach more people if you spend the majority of your time online. Specifically, you should create a website that inspires people to visit your lot. Here are a few things that you should include in your web design.

1. New Models and Pre-Owned Models

Your design should include a page that’s dedicated to new models. Your customers may be searching for the most recent releases. So it’s a good idea to create a line up of the models that were created within the last year. List the name of the model and the price. Offer general specifications such as the VIN number, engine type, and type of transmission. You may also want to include the status of available. This way, your visitors will always be aware of what you currently have in stock.

There are also instances in which your visitor may be interested in models that are pre-owned. So you need to include a section for these snowmobiles as well.

2. Financing

A lot of your visitors will be interested in financing their snowmobiles. If you want to ensure that they know what options you offer then create a page that is dedicated to financing. Answer the most important questions. Does your dealership offer financing? Are parts and extended service plans included in the deal? Will you give them a quote over the phone? How easy is the application process?

If you want to make the process quick and easy, you can always create a link that leads them to the application. This way they can apply online to find out whether they qualify and how much you’re willing to offer.

3. About

If you’re new to the industry or are still trying to establish your brand there’s a good chance your potential customers will want to know more about your dealership. Include an About page and offer background information about your business. When was your dealership started? What makes you different from your competitors? Who are your team members?

You may also offer a little insight into the owner of the dealership. How did you become involved with snowmobiles? Are you a nature lover? Do you enjoy activities such as snowboarding and skiing? By offering a few details related to snowmobiles, you can build credibility with your buyers. And they’ll see you as more knowledgeable.

4. Service

While a lot of your visitors will be interested in purchasing a new snowmobile, there are some instances in which your visitors will be looking for someone who can repair the snowmobile that they already own. In this case, they should know what services you offer.

Create a service page that addresses the most common issues that snowmobiles tend to have and how you can fix them. Inform them that you have trained technicians on staff who are dedicated to keeping their machines in working order. Also, let them know that you have all of the necessary equipment needed to get the job done as quickly as possible.

5. Photos

One of the best ways to get your audience’s attention is with great photos. Remember, snowmobiles are typically used for recreational purposes. So the images that you include on your website need to depict fun, excitement, and adventure. Not only should you include images of each snowmobile that you’re trying to sell, but also images of the snowmobiles in action. Take professional photos of someone riding around the mountains. You may decide to use stock photos, however in most cases it’s best to picture models that you’re actually selling. The best places to include these images are in the headers of your pages. These types of images will inspire excitement.

6. Contact

One of the most important elements in your design is your contact page. While the contact information should appear at the top of your page and the footer, it’s also a good idea to create a page that’s dedicated to this information. Include your phone number, physical address, and email addresses.

If you would like your visitors to follow you on social media and stay up to date on your newest models then you can include your social media handles. It’s a good idea to include a map so that they can easily navigate to your lot. You may also consider adding a contact form so that they can ask a question directly from your website.

7. Call to Action

Many dealership owners are so busy creating the perfect brand that they often forget to include a call to action. A call to action is the element that will tell your visitors which steps they should take next. So if you want your visitors to visit your dealership in person then you need to let them know. If you want them to call and schedule an appointment with then tell them this.

Call to actions usually come in the form of a button. Keep the text short. Ideally, the phrase should be no longer the three. For instance, the text may be “Schedule an Appointment,” or “Get a Quote.”


You may have the best stock in town. However, if people don’t know about it then it won’t sell. That’s why it’s a good idea to establish an online presence. This is the best to reach as many people as possible. While social media is a great way to reach out to potential customers, it’s still a good idea to have your own website. A dedicated website gives you the ability to create a design that appeals to the audience that you’re interested in targeting.