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21 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win New Customers

Are you aware of the many existing strategies to acquire more customers? If you are looking to grow your business, make sure that you learn about these 21 acquisition techniques to increase your traffic and conversions.

When starting with no customer base, there a five ways to attract your clients:

  1. Growing
  2. Borrowing
  3. Buying
  4. Retargeting
  5. Recycling

The first group is about growing your list from zero, which is the most common way to improve brand awareness and conversion opportunities.


1. Email marketing

Apart from product creation, customer acquisition comes down to optimizing your company sales funnel. It is important to get qualified traffic at first, so we don’t have conversion issues later.

Luckily, email marketing is the simplest way to create these marketing systems. Once people are aware of your brand, the first step of the funnel consists of the lead generator. This structure is a free direct offer where you offer a relevant info-product or a free session to your customers to get their email.

After growing your email list, you can access this customer base whenever you want to launch a new product!

2. Subscription Based Content

If you are working on a website that shares useful information, you may use monthly subscriptions to limit the access of your readers. Content restrictions can vary depending on the size of your audience. If you receive hundreds of thousands of monthly visits, you can set a fixed monthly price for access.

If your audience is more reduced, you may include premium features to complement the existing content of your site. Some ideas include podcasts, special videos, weekly Q&As, live sessions, and so on.

3. Search Engine Optimization

If we assume that all your funnel is optimized, you can scale your sales volume by investing more to increase your traffic. SEO is a long-term game where your page relevance comes down to Google’s algorithm and reader engagement.

You can easily outsource these activities by hiring a digital marketing agency. SEO works as a complement for your content strategy, increasing your authority in the sector based on ranking.

Mind that SEO practices apply outside Google as well. Social media platforms such as Youtube are other opportunities to increase brand awareness, and competition is usually lower.

4. Traditional marketing

Because competition is a fundamental factor that determines the success of your business, it is important to consider the traditional marketing activities. It may appear in the form of cold calling, selling door to door, or public sales presentations.

In some niches, it is smarter to combine both modern and conventional techniques than limiting your business to one source. The advantage of traditional marketing is that you will find fewer competitors willing to do it, especially for companies based on the Internet.

5. High Ticket Offers

Today’s technology gives everybody the opportunity to start a business online without any experience. Combine it with the fact that customer acquisition has become more expensive than ever. How can you confidently see a buyer as a long-term customer? High-ticket offers are the solution.

People require much higher levels of trust these days. The high-ticket strategy is about using a sales sequence that goes from the cheapest to the most expensive service. This progression allows selling in the future without resistance using much more expensive offers. Also, it helps the customer to understand which product they need, instead of rejecting the company from the very beginning.

Borrowing Followers to Accelerate Customer Acquisition

You can use your money and creativity to collaborate with other entrepreneurs to leverage their resources and grow faster than earning customers by yourself.

6. Influencer Marketing

In all social media platforms, it is common to find people who have thousands, if not millions of followers who trust them. If you use the right strategy, you can make these influencers promote your services and increase your visibility overnight! Imagine working with dozens of influencers at once.

For most of these influencers, it takes little effort to manage their status when the community is already big. That allows us to increase brand awareness at a reasonable price with much more efficiency than SEO and paid traffic.

Mind that the content of the influencer must be related to your brand in some way, so you can keep the credibility and engagement as high as possible.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate offers are perfect for beginner entrepreneurs who are looking to generate passive income quickly without any investments. Most people like the fact that you don’t need to have a product to make money online.

Even better, you barely need any skills to convince customers to buy from them. If the offer is popular and has high conversions, you will be using the reputation level of the company! You can combine it with email marketing and succeed, even if you haven’t built your online reputation yet.

8. Collaborations

In case your content is closely related to another creator, the influencer may accept to make a collaboration. It could be a video series, an interview, or a podcast.

Collaborations require a certain level of confidence in the relationship, but the performance is much better than traditional influencer marketing. Also, the guess may do the collaboration for free because it benefits their community as well.

In fact, you will find many Youtube channels focused on doing interviews with successful people.

9. Networking Events

Networking is one of the best ways to present your business to the public. You may be surprised by how many people benefit from networking more than they do from the main event activities.

If you listen to other entrepreneurs’ stories, you have the opportunity to help people by sharing your experience. Then, other people want to share their knowledge as a way to give back. It is incredible how many business strategies you can find by simply asking questions to unknown entrepreneurs in events.

10. Online Communities

Similarly, social media communities are another means to generate leads and increase conversions. When you create an online community for your customers, potential buyers are more likely to move forward because they have the support of a group of people that understands them. Remember that the number of group members heavily influences the decision of future customers.

Inversely, you can join other communities that are related to your niche and meet more people. A good way to promote your business in other groups is to give more information after you help those followers with a particular problem.

Mind that it is important to promote oneself using a neutral tone. Spammers and pushy sellers have so seen in private groups than the hosts are more prone to forbid self-promotion.

Using Paid Traffic To Boost Your Sales

11. Social Media Advertising

Even though the competition is quickly increasing, social media advertising gives your business access to potential clients from all corners of the world.

Facebook Ads are the most popular and effective form of paid advertising after Google Adwords. Facebook allows us to use precise demographic information to get more targeted traffic at a ridiculously cheap cost.

Other platforms are starting to have more and more influence in the advertising sector, such as Instagram and Youtube Ads.

12. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the most basic form of advertising on the Internet. Many companies organize ad campaigns in Google Adwords to promote brand-new product lines and events, attracting large numbers of visits.

Another variation of Google advertising includes Google Adsense, a program used to monetize content websites with ad placements. Apart from bidding for keywords with Google Adwords, you may look for the best content websites to place your ads and get qualified traffic.

13. PPC LTV Strategy

LTV is an advanced strategy that stands for Lead To Value. Remember when we mentioned high-ticket offers? The LTV is a number that shows how much money your email subscribers spend on your product after X amount of months.

When having large email lists, the LTV helps to think long term when planning your Pay Per Click campaigns on different platforms.

Imagine that your LTV is $100. If most competitors bid $20 to acquire the customer, you can outbid by paying up to $100. What matters is that you eventually pay off your inversion because of the LTV.

14. Product Sponsorships

Sponsored products are broadly used marketing tactics, just like Google Advertising. Here, you have to get in touch with the right businesses to increase the visibility of your product after according to a price.

Sponsorships can make your offer reach millions of people, receiving a huge traffic boost.

15. Physical Exposure

Another traditional way to increase brand awareness is making your brand real. If you have a logo and a message for your company, you can print it on branded clothes, flags, vehicles, and large adverts. Again, it is critical to have a high-conversion funnel before looking to increase your traffic volume.

Physical advertising may require an initial cost of production, but it is much easier to get noticed, especially when placing ads in the environment of your ideal customer.

Retarget Your Leads

Have you tried paid traffic but your visitors rejected the offer? Follow these retargeting strategies to create more acquisition opportunities.

16. Limited Offers

When people don’t buy a product, it may mean that they don’t see the value of it. That means that they perceive the product at a much lower price, which is an opportunity to offer them a large discount.

Again, we are not looking to make a profit from the first sale when using the high-ticket strategy. As long as the traffic is qualified, it is more beneficial for the customer and the seller to get the deal, even if it is at a lower price at first.

You may have seen these strategies in email down-sells, cross-sells, and close-intend popups.

17. Cross-Selling Marketing

Everybody is a buyer, but each customer is interested in a different product. In digital marketing, you may use different selling techniques to identify which offer suits better for the client. It may be an affiliate offer or a complementary product.

The trick is to play with the different options to see how the potential customer behaves under different circumstances. Of course, it is recommended to leave enough space between sales propositions to avoid annoying the prospect.

18. Content Marketing

Sometimes, a No in business actually means Later. Especially when doing cold calling and emailing, your selling proposition is more likely to be an interruption for the receptor. You can increase your conversion rates by offering people more information about your brand through content creation and content marketing strategies.

As for visitors, it is important to educate and learn enough about the brand to perceive it neutrally. Digital marketers can use email marketing to offer content for free in their sequences to increase the level of trust, respect, and admiration.

Whenever a potential customer rejects your offer, you can send them this content sequence until they feel prepared to do business with you.

19. Free Trial

It may happen that you deal with customers who won’t believe a word from the service unless they try it by themselves. Demos and free trials are effective ways to make potential buyers relate to your product better.

Suddenly, your customers are not confused with all these confusing and vague marketing terms. They personally experience what it feels like using your service and will want to move forward if the free trial meets their expectations.

Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Customer Base

Are you struggling to acquire more customers despite the last 19 strategies? If you have tried everything, consider encouraging your existing customers to promote your brand. They already trust you and know what the experience is. There is nobody better to communicate the vision of your company than habitual clients.

20. Affiliate Programs For Customers

Most people enjoy the idea of making money online while consuming their favorite products. These people can also share their passion with other people, increasing your number of affiliates. Here, we are losing a few bucks in the short term to expect massive sales increases in the future.

The variety of tools that you can use includes commissions, discount codes, upsell promotions, and affiliate prizes.

21. Keeping Your Customers To Increase The Potential Of Your Business

Some software companies have created a program to reward customers who stay subscribed to their applications for a number of months. This strategy is an opportunity to have more time for you to show new products and updates to your customers, increasing the amount of money spent.

A few reward ideas are giving discounts for more expensive plans, give access to a private online community, sending branded products as a gift, offering one-on-one assessment calls, or giving free access to the beta version of new software for testing purposes.

Thanks for reading "21 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win New Customers", by the Linchpin Team in Chicago, Raleigh, and Wake Forest.

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