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Trends Shaping The Mobility Equipment Industry In 2021

Recently, many companies have developed mobility equipment that could help millions of clients. Throughout the next year, multiple trends may stimulate the growth of these businesses, optimize the quality of mobility equipment, increase revenue and improve safety. Some companies could also design cutting-edge products that can increase convenience, enhance comfort and reduce the risk of injuries. When experts examined the values of many devices, the specialists indicated that the prices could significantly rise. If customers require mobility aids, the insurance companies can quickly evaluate each client’s eligibility, reimburse the customers and pay the manufacturers.

Increasing the Number of Customers

Currently, more than 6.8 million Americans may frequently utilize equipment that could improve mobility. Within the next year, the number of customers may increase by approximately 7 percent, and many clients might purchase multiple types of products. Some patients can use durable walkers, numerous types of canes, crutches, wheelchairs, or custom walkers that feature wheels. Additionally, certain customers could purchase innovative stairlifts, and various surveys have suggested that these devices can benefit at least 2.8 million customers.

Estimating the Values of the Products

Throughout the next year, the prices of the products may increase by around 10 percent, and the prices could be affected by the overall demand. Many companies have developed innovative walkers that feature lightweight frames, adjustable handles, and components that improve grip. Typically, these features could considerably increase the values of the products.

Creating New Products

Some reports have suggested that numerous companies have designed innovative devices that could significantly reduce each manufacturer’s costs. These products can also improve efficiency, increase the durability of every component, optimize clients’ satisfaction, and enhance the reputation of each manufacturer. In 2021, multiple businesses could unveil these cutting-edge products, and these devices may stimulate the growth of the industry.

Providing Helpful Suggestions and Optimizing Safety

During the last year, more than 18 million Americans experienced medical conditions that could affect mobility; however, less than 39 percent of these citizens utilized mobility equipment. According to several reports, many physicians may frequently recommend mobility aids that could benefit these customers, reduce the risk of injuries and decrease chronic pain. These suggestions can considerably increase the number of customers who purchase mobility aids. Consequently, this trend may boost demand, affect the prices of the products, and influence many customers’ decisions.

Financing Options are on the Rise

With the cost of mobility equipment on the rise, affordability is a key concern and trend discussed in the industry. When an individual needs to purchase a stairlift, lift chair, scooter, or even power chair, the cost can be a sticking point. This is where a financing company such as United Consumer Financial Services can help your mobility equipment business increase sales by offering customer financing options for their medical mobility equipment.

Choosing a Motorized Scooter and Examining Relevant Trends

Since April 2020, thousands of customers have purchased motorized scooters that could considerably increase mobility. These efficient vehicles utilize electricity. The compact scooters feature innovative designs that can improve stability, increase the range of each scooter, enhance comfort and optimize the performance of the steering system. Many scooters also have seats that can quickly swivel, and customers may select scooters that feature sizable baskets, large handlebars, and tires with thick treads.

When multiple companies provided numerous surveys, many respondents indicated that most customers prefer motorized scooters; however, some clients have not purchased the small vehicles because many scooters may have high prices. Numerous reports have proven that most insurance companies will reimburse eligible customers who buy the unique products. Consequently, the available reimbursements could significantly increase the number of clients who purchase motorized scooters.

Evaluating Insurance Companies That Can Reimburse Customers and Manufacturers

If a patient requires a mobility aid, the insurance company can quickly reimburse the manufacturer. Once a doctor diagnoses an eligible patient, experts could swiftly review the medical records, examine the symptoms, approve the patient and estimate the costs of certain devices. According to one report, many insurance companies have considerably reduced the duration of the approval process. During the next year, some insurers may increase the accessibility of mobility equipment, eliminate upfront costs and provide digital tools that can help clients.

Increasing the Availability of the Devices

Since March 2020, the global epidemic has affected numerous companies that manufacture mobility equipment, and several news stories have suggested that various trends could reduce the availability of certain devices. When the overall supply decreases, the values of these products can quickly rise. Many companies may implement strategies that could considerably increase the availability of mobility equipment, and these businesses may employ extra workers, develop new products, manufacture a large number of devices and manage marketing campaigns. Moreover, some companies could acquire smaller businesses that manufacture mobility equipment.

Evaluating Multiple Types of Statistics

In 2021, more than 2.3 million customers may purchase mobility equipment in the United States, and during the next year, the number of sales may increase by around 20 percent. Many companies could also export high-quality devices that can help customers. In Europe, at least 3.5 million individuals could buy mobility equipment, and many customers may purchase multiple products, receive reimbursements and create positive testimonials.

Purchasing Mobility Equipment and Enhancing Well-Being

When customers utilize mobility aids, the devices can significantly increase independence, reduce the risk of injuries and improve self-esteem. Once clients purchase mobility equipment, the customers could visit family members, attend important events, purchase groceries and explore nearby parks. According to various surveys, more than 78 percent of customers indicated that mobility equipment could improve well-being. At least 90 percent of respondents suggested that the innovative devices could allow customers to enjoy many activities.

Reducing Pain and Protecting Customers

If a customer utilizes a mobility aid, the product could decrease chronic inflammation, minimize soreness, mitigate the effects of an injury and protect injured limbs. Multiple reports have indicated that mobility aids may help 9.2 million Americans who experience chronic pain. According to several surveys, at least 35 percent of customers believe that mobility equipment can considerably reduce neuropathic pain.

When a medical condition causes chronic inflammation, certain tissues may release cytokines, and these enzymes could increase swelling, reduce flexibility and affect an individual’s mobility. While a patient uses mobility equipment, the device may eliminate swelling, decrease stiffness and mitigate the symptoms of some medical conditions.

Helping Customers Who Are Suffering From Arthritis

In the United States, more than 23 percent of citizens may have arthritis. Currently, at least 10 percent of Americans experience arthritis that could affect the knees, and the medical condition can limit approximately 10 million sufferers’ mobility. In 2021, the number of diagnosed patients may increase by around 5 percent, and many patients could eventually purchase walkers, canes, numerous types of braces, or motorized scooters.

If an eligible patient does not utilize mobility equipment, numerous activities could exacerbate the symptoms of arthritis. The individual may experience chronic pain, severe stiffness, and tenderness, and typically, arthritis could eventually increase levels of inflammatory enzymes, affecting the joints and the cartilage. Sometimes, the medical condition may also reduce the density of the bones, and arthritis could increase the risk of injuries. Additionally, the medical condition may affect the osteoblasts, which are cells that can create new tissue.

Improving Independence

Once a patient purchases mobility equipment, the products can consistently enhance independence, and the devices could help each customer participate in enjoyable activities. When eligible patients utilize mobility equipment, these patients may travel, join several groups, complete important chores or visit local stores. Numerous studies have shown that physical activity can augment the density of the bones and increase muscle mass. Generally, many activities could prevent chronic diseases, strengthen the immune system, stimulate critical thinking, enhance long-term memory and improve the flexibility of the joints.