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Best Medical Practice Management Software Programs To Demo in 2021

What is medical practice management software?

Without the right medical practice management software (MPMS) program, doctors would be missing one of the most critical tools for operating a medical business. In terms of the front-office duties, nurses and staff contribute to the business. In terms of back-office responsibilities, the nurses and physicians oversee the doctor-patient relationship, seeing the patients and making diagnoses.

However, a quality MPMS program consolidates all the front-office and back-office administrative tasks into one place, making it easier for a secretary to make appointments and medical staff to more easily update and monitor their patients’ files. Additionally, it helps organize patient information in a secure database that meets HIPAA requirements, and it helps the accounting department with billing and follow-up, ensuring both the financial and personal concerns are taking care of.

Because of an MPMS program’s ability to consolidate all administrative tasks into one convenient location, a doctor who gets the wrong MPMS program will not run the best possible business or offer the best possible type of personal care.

Benefits of medical practice management software

The benefits of a quality MPMS program are many.

  • efficient scheduling
  • intuitive user interface
  • networking for multiple users
  • on-time billing
  • e-mail follow-ups
  • increase profits by making day-to-day operations more efficient
  • daily, weekly, and monthly operation reports and summaries
  • referral tracking
  • up-selling
  • ability to enter notes and consult reference manuals
  • secure database for client privacy
  • questionnaire printing

1. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD’s primary service is to help physicians keep up on their patient’s progress and outstanding balances. Additional primary services include helping to establish whether a patient is covered by insurance and helping to update payment information as necessary.

In terms of accounts receivable, it provides an easy way for staff to collect co-pays.
In addition to the billing services, AdvancedMD billing services can be bundled with Practice Management, which provides the following front-office and back-office features.

  • scheduling
  • report printing
  • bench-marking
  • patient messaging
  • patient kiosk

Free trial: A free trial is not widely available or advertised. That said, the online representative indicated that one could be provided following the demo. Although this post-demo trial is a sales technique to get physicians used to the program, it does allow doctors to test what is largely considered a top-notch service.

Price: Pricing depends on the features a physician requires. For instance, AdvancedMD allows physicians to customize the features, and the cost is based on the services they select.

Standard practice management runs $429 per month per insurance provider. However, physicians with low traffic can opt for a fee of just $1.29 per encounter, which is designed to average approximately $150 per month.

Mobile app: AdvancedMD is available as a mobile app compatible with iPhones and iPads.

Host location: The program, itself, is hosted online.

Training: Physicians can schedule a demo, and in-depth training is available by staff or via online documents.

Support: Support is available via online chats, phone calls, or e-mail.


2. enki Office

enki Office is primarily a front-office solution suite. However, it can be integrated with the patient portal and other medical-management software solutions that the parent company, NextServices, provides. Overall features include billing and scheduling, analytics, and office administrative solutions for gastroenterology practices.

Free trial: For prospective clients, enki Office offers a free assessment, allowing physicians to acquaint themselves with the full capabilities of the program.

Price: Pricing can be negotiated, but a final price cannot be delivered until a physician has scheduled a demo.

Mobile app: The app is compatible with PC, Mac, and iOS or Android tablets.

Host location: The service is cloud-based.

Training: A demo can be scheduled, during which staff can answer questions. Post-purchase training can be scheduled. Training is on-site or online.

Support: Technical support is available via e-mail and online chats. However, priority phone support is also available.


3. Simplepractice

As one of the most affordable services for physicians, Simplepractice is also one of the most comprehensive solutions in terms of billing and billing follow-up, scheduling, and diagnosis and treatment plans. It is 100-percent HIPAA approved, and it offers a client portal as well as a secure database for doctors or counselors to enter notes on treatment and therapy, respectively.

Free trial: Simplepractice offers a 30-day free trial.

Price: Affordable subscriptions are available for $39 to $49 per month. The difference in the price is that the $39 “Essential” package does not offer video appointments. Additionally, secure messaging and online booking are not available. The $49 “Professional” service offers video appointments and every service necessary for front-end administrators to run the office.

Mobile app: Yes, they do.

Host location: This service is offered only online.

Training: Training is available during the demo and can be scheduled to take place on-site. Available resources are available online.

Support: Support is available via the user interface. Questions can be submitted, and Simplepractice techs will get back to the doctors. However, basic online and telephone support is also available.


4. MDConnection

MDConnection is a comprehensive, front-office solution that provides an online billing dashboard, records database, and a scheduling platform. Other services include the ability to run financial analytics and customize the interface to meet the specific practice needs of the client.

Free trial: No free trial is permitted, but physicians can cancel at any time.

Price: For medical practices, pricing ranges from $299 per month per provider for unlimited transactions to $199 per month for fee-based transactions. For medical practices involving non-MD professionals, prices range from $199 for unlimited transactions to $99 for fee-based transactions.

Mobile app: A mobile app is not available.

Host location: MDConnection is cloud-based.

Training: Training is offered via online support videos and the online support system.

Support: Although unlimited support is available via the user interface and also via phone, the support system is, of course, queue-based. Consequently, some waiting is involved. However, you can also submit a help ticket. Support videos are also available.


5. MedEZ

MedEZ is designed specifically for medical professionals in specific medical specialties, such as behavioral health and substance abuse. It offers solutions for in-patient and out-patient programs, and the practice-management dashboard allows every staff member to coordinate services and communications.

Statistics are available via a variety of reports, and the program offers a complete solution for verifying insurance, submitting correctly coded claims, and following up on customer payments. It can also track unpaid insurance claims.

Free trial: Physicians can schedule a demo, which serves as preliminary training and as the free trial.

Price: Pricing is provided during your free demo.

Mobile app: A mobile app is not available at this time.

Host location: This program is available via the cloud, but it is also available as a local installation on either Mac- or Windows-based systems.

Training: Training is provided in-person by MedEZ staff. Additionally, physicians can receive live training online.

Support: Support is available during standard business hours and is available online via help tickets.


6. Harmony Medical

Harmony Medical offers a robust suite of standard options that help medical businesses schedule and bill. Additional services include HIPAA-compliant record keeping, reports printing, and basic analytics.

Free trial: No free trial is available.

Price: The $1,500 base price includes software licensing and training, implementation services, and (if necessary) hardware. Standard monthly pricing can be as low as $149 to $399 per provider.

Mobile app: No mobile app is provided.

Host location: The service is provided online, and each client can log in onto the “My Harmony” dashboard. However, if desired, local installations are also available.

Training: In-person training is available, and online training via video conference and help tickets is also available.

Support: Support is available on a 24/7 basis with a live representative. This is one of the best aspects of Harmony Medical because they are available when needed.


7. DrChrono

DrChrono is one of the most comprehensive MPMS programs available. It will obviously serve any medical practice, but it is also good for the following.

  • chiropractor
  • dermatologist
  • masseuse
  • optometrist
  • plastic surgeons
  • telemedicine professionals

It offers the standard fare of front-office solutions, such as billing follow-up, patient scheduling, and HIPAA-compliant records keeping. Additionally, it serves as a patient portal, allowing patients to review their records and make appointments. However, the EHR app provides a variety of medical forms and has enough essential features that it has been used to launch actual practices.

Free trial: A free trial is included prior to purchase. Clients can pay nothing for three months or accept a 30-day free trial of software only.

Price: The package price of $199 per month is still available, but the price itself actually depends on the following.

  • number of clients
  • need for unlimited billing

Basically, if a physician’s need varies, the price varies as well. Moreover, DrChrono offers four pricing plans. However, the final price is only provided at the time of the demo.

Mobile app: DrChrono is available via an iOS-compatible mobile app.

Host location: DrChrono is cloud-based, but it can also be installed on a local network.

Training: Comprehensive training is provided.

Support: Support is available on a 24/7 basis via a live agent. It is also available online.


8. Luma Health

Luma Health is one of the newest MPMS programs. They offer a suite of services designed to automate and facilitate patient communication. Easier communication is accomplished via essential front-office solutions for scheduling, billing, and communication follow-up. Luma Health also focuses on generating referrals, a solution to help grow any medical provider’s business.

  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Referral management
  • Smart waitlists and cancellation management
  • Mobile patient intake
  • Feedback & evaluation
  • Customizable broadcast messages

Free trial: Luma Health does not offer a free trial.

Price: Pricing is provided during the scheduled demo.

Mobile app: No app is currently available. For simple confirmations, logistical questions and more can be done directly via text. Any message with personal health information is routed through a secure, HIPAA-compliant chat portal which opens directly in the patient’s browser. No app downloads or complicated logins are required.

Host location: Luma Health is only available online.

Training: Training can be scheduled to take place online or in-person. For specific questions, these two training methods can be combined. Additional training for user-interface questions is available via an online user’s manual and videos.

Support: Support is available across extended business hours from 6am – 5pm PT with live agents or online through phone and email. The online help center includes a robust set of topic-driven information.


9. Kareo

When it comes to MPMS programs, Kareo is a powerhouse made specifically for small practices. It attempts to streamline the services it provides, ensuring clients do not get bogged down in features they do not want and cannot afford.

Features include the following.

– document management
– scheduling
– reminders and patient follow-ups
– ICD-10 and HIPAA-compliant database
– billing solutions
– charge capture
– digital business development and best-practice module

Free trial: They do not offer a free trial, but clients can test it for a month without signing a contract.

Price: For medical management plans, the basic price ranges from $100 to $300 per month. However, as with most plans, the actual services can be customized. For instance, billing services are available for an additional $75 to $300 per month.

Mobile app: An iOS-compatible app is available for clients and patients.

Host location: Kareo is cloud-based.

Training: Training is provided during the demo and can be scheduled again to occur in person. Additional training modules are available online and via an online user’s manual.

Support: Technical support is available online during weekday business hours.