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Tech Startup Companies in Charlotte, NC To Watch

The state of North Carolina is slowly becoming a hub for tech companies. Charlotte is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in the state, and many companies are setting up their businesses there because of the opportunities that are coming their way. Business people who are establishing their businesses in and around Charlotte have more chances of succeeding in the entrepreneurial path that they have chosen, and some of the businesses that are operating in North Carolina reported that they experienced massive growth after they focused on how they can improve their services. The following lists the most successful startups who have chosen Charlotte to be their headquarters.

SmartSky Networks


SmartSky Networks is a company that provides in-flight internet connectivity. Through the years, airplane passengers have been complaining about the limitations that their phones can do when they are inside the airplane. Most aviation experts believe that an active wireless internet connection inside the plane can mess up with the airplane’s communications system, and it can be dangerous especially when the pilot is trying to speak with the nearest airport. SmartSky Networks wanted to address the problem faced by those who frequently ride the airplane, and they decided to introduce a new way on how the public can still connect to the internet while they are traveling inside an airplane.



Passport is a tech startup based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and they specialize in creating an application that helps resolves all of the problems faced by the transportation sector. The application developed by the company can be downloaded directly on the internet, and people who are using it are stating how efficient and effective the system is when it comes to providing solutions for a lot of challenges. Some of the services offered by the company would be a simpler way to pay parking tickets, helping someone who is trying to secure a permit, insights about the city’s transport enforcement, and many more.

MapAnything, Inc.


MapAnything is an application developed by MapAnything, Inc., a tech company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company’s main goal is to create a mobile application that would help the public in a lot ways using the maps and the geolocation services. The application is capable of creating more business using their sales territory optimization, and they can also accelerate their client’s productivity. The application is also capable of creating complex routes for their clients to give them an idea about the condition of commuting in a particular area. The application can also be used as a real-time tracker. The application is compatible to most mobile devices, increasing its efficiency.

Blockchain CLT


Blockchain technology is used in the cryptocurrency industry as a security feature that detects fraudulent transactions. Blockchain CLT decided to use the technology to search for an opportunity that lies within the chaotic blockchain industry. They created the emerging technology business services, more commonly known as the ETBS. It helps their clients identify a beneficial blockchain, and it is a recommended application for those who wanted to settle in the industry. It can be difficult to use the application developed by the company at first, but those who are using the system can learn the hang of it overtime, and new opportunities await those who have mastered the system.



Sitehands is a company that provides online IT services to more than 20,000 client sites. The company operates globally, and they have 15,000 technicians as of the present. The company provides services like the creation of a data room for a business, a sophisticated network where most of the operations should flow, a strong computer infrastructure to help the business, user support, multimedia presentations, and cybersecurity. Most businesses that used Sitehands are saying that it helped them improve their performances, and it also made their business a competitive one. People rely on Sitehands whenever they wanted to change something within their company’s system.

Minds Mesh, Inc.


Minds Mesh, Inc. was established in 2012, and as of the present, they only have a handful of employees. The company was created to encourage students to start collaborating with others on social media websites like Facebook. They can also use the application on their mobile devices and tablet computers. This application would help increase the productivity among students, who can now communicate with one another remotely when doing school and group projects. The application is still searching for funding to reach their maximum growth, and the company is hoping that interest investors would start working with them.



PerHealth is an application designed to change the health system in the United States. The company boasts that people who are using their application tend to save a lot of money because it prevents their re-admission to the hospital and any unplanned ICU transfer. The application developed by the company uses the Rothman index, and it can predict the health condition of a patient. The application guides medical practitioners on what they need to do regarding a patient that seems to be at the brink of health decline, and using the application, they can plan ahead to try saving more lives. PeraHealth has become a trusted application by most medical practitioners because of its efficiency and accuracy in providing data.



Stratifyd is a tech startup that uses artificial intelligence in analyzing platforms and categories. The company also developed an application that can visualize the channels where the customers are sending in their feedback. Stratifyd is one of the best companies in the country that provides an efficient AI system that is faster and analyzes deeper compared to their competitors. It also has a lot of functionality compared to other companies that are also operating within the same industry. Stratifyd helped transform the tech industry, proving that handling AI for startups can be simplified, and business owners can benefit drastically by using the system.



Payzer is a financial company that offers their customers a way on how they can secure additional funding without the hassle of visiting a financial institution. The company developed an application that allows the users to pay their bills using their mobile devices, to take payments on the spot, and to provide credits to customers with the fastest approval rate. People who have downloaded Payzer are satisfied with using the platform, saying that it is helping them a lot in planning their finances.

Product HQ


One of the things that inspired Product HQ to create their application is the struggle faced by product managers when it comes to creating their products. The company wanted to help them out by creating a system that can aid project managers whenever they are working on a particular project. Using the application helped them resolve most of the problems associated with the job. Project managers across the country are thankful for the system created by Product HQ, enabling them to use their potential to the maximum.

T1 Visions


T1 Visions is helping companies that wanted to become more efficient when it comes to presenting their products to the market. They believe that one of the reasons how a company can succeed is if they decided to integrate the environment with the technological system available to them.

Airwavz Solutions


One of the problems faced by companies operating in the online world would be the lack of fast internet services. This is what inspired Airwavz to create a company that would cater to the needs of those who wanted to connect online. The system that was created by the company is now helping a lot of businesses that wanted to benefit from the 5G network.

Atom Power, Inc.


The company is known for building the world’s first solid state circuit breakers. The company stated that their creation would become the future of electricity, and more people will be using it because it is safer and easier to use. Imagine being able to control electricity – the possibility that the company provides is limitless, and it would surely help everyone on the planet to become more aware about the potential of electricity.



The company’s aim is to eliminate manual processes. The company developed an application that would help the people reduce the use of paper and concentrate more on operating using their devices. it is considered as one of the best applications for financial and accounting companies today.

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