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Best In Class Urgent Care Center Web Design Includes These 7 Strategies

If your urgent care center becomes hectic with phone calls and confused patients waiting in the lobby, you need to make sure that your website is designed to address the needs of new patients. The list of challenges below should help you prepare your center for greatness. When you’re ready to make improvements to your website’s design, take the list of best in class strategies into account. You’re making things easier for your patients, and everyone who visits your website will be impressed by what your company offers.

Top Challenges for Urgent Care Centers

  • Industry Challenge 1: Meeting Patient Expectations

    In healthcare, satisfaction is achieved through creating an environment that is conducive to receiving care. Meeting patient expectations should be every staff member’s priority.

  • Industry Challenge 2: Processing Patients in Orderly Manner

    Things get difficult when your facility becomes too busy. You need to find a way to get people checked in while maintaining order.

  • Industry Challenge 3: Collecting Payments

    When patients are finished with their visits, they might run into complications with paying their bills. It’s important to get insurance information from each patient when they arrive. If a patient is in critical condition, there might be unresolved billing issues to be addressed at a later point in time.

  • Industry Challenge 4: Scheduling Cleaning Days

    Urgent care centers strive to address the needs of medical emergencies. The centers still need to make time for cleaning. It’s not possible to shut down entire floors of your buildings, so staff must clean around the action that is already taking place in your facility.

  • Industry Challenge 5: Keeping Current With Medical World

    Things keep changing in the medical world. New vaccines are being developed. New flu epidemics pop up out of nowhere. New procedures are created to address medical emergencies. Events in your community could cause an influx of patients. It’s your job to keep your staff informed on current events that impact your urgent care center.

Minimizing Challenges Through Best in Class Web Design

  • Web Design Strategy #1: Showcase Your Urgent Care Center’s Special Attributes

    On your website, you should have pages that showcase the special attributes that make your urgent care center unique. Pages could feature building amenities, specialized knowledge of staff members, awards, and acknowledgements from community members.

  • Web Design Strategy #2: Feature News From Medical Community

    Update the homepage of your website with news from the medical community. Posting links from other sites is not enough to make your urgent care center seem like it knows what is going on in the world. Anybody can read the news. In order to demonstrate that your center has a special understanding of what is happening in the medical community, your site should feature articles that describe the news to your visitors.

    You might wish to hire a third party marketing agency to help write these articles, or you could have a medical professional at your facility lend their hand to the task. News pieces featured on your website should relate to advancements in medicine, or you could cover topics that relate to epidemics that are a cause for alarm. Stories should be placed on the homepage of your site, and you should develop a system for archiving news pieces.

  • Web Design Strategy #3: Give a Backstage Pass to Your Facility

    Imagine taking a new client on a virtual tour of your facility before they step foot inside the building. When people search for urgent care centers in your area, they will be impressed by any type of insider access they receive that helps them feel at ease about visiting your facility. In addition to displaying a floor-plan of your building, your web design should include pictures of the staff in action.

    Show how doctors and nurses are committed to helping patients with their needs. In addition, take some time to express how the facilities are managed by professionals. Your urgent care center’s web design should include a tab or drop-down menu with this information, and it should be easy for new users to find their way to information about your facility.

  • Web Design Strategy #4: Dedicate a Section of Your Site to Discussing Payments and Financing Options

    Being clear about payments and financing options on your site will keep plenty of people from calling your urgent care center with these types of questions. Make things easier on the visitor by presenting this information on the bottom of the homepage of your website, and you should have a tab on the menu of your site that addresses all finance questions in detail. Giving this type of information upfront will help to avoid frustration with your center.

  • Web Design Strategy #5: Give Details About the Experience Patients Should Expect

    You should provide information regarding the details of a typical visit to help people understand what they should expect. Use this web design strategy to tell people what they should expect from the time they enter the office to the time they leave. By letting people know what they should expect from their experience, you are setting them up for success. Include information about the types of forms they will need to fill out, and let them know the procedures for dealing with various types of medical scenarios.

  • Web Design Strategy #6: Make Contact Information Easily Accessible

    The main reason that many people will visit your urgent care center’s website is because they will want to know how to contact your center. The phone number, address, and other contact information should be on the homepage in large letters. People might be in distress when they find your website, so it’s important to keep this in mind when you are designing pages. Even though your articles will be interesting, there’s a good chance that somebody’s life depends on finding your phone number in a short amount of time.

  • Web Design Strategy #7: Give Directions to Your Center

    In addition to contacting your center in a time of distress, people need to be able to find your urgent care facility. Make sure you have directions to your center on the homepage of your website, and have a link to another page with more detailed directions. It’s a good idea to have a map on this page as well. Anything you can do to help people find your facility without calling to ask the receptionist for directions will make things easier for patients.