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Best In Class Alternative Energy Services Company Web Design Includes These 7 Strategies

Alternative Energy Service Companies often face a variety of issues when marketing and designing websites. Often Energy services are known for what they provide, not their actual brand name, but if you google energy services, hundreds of websites pop up in both local and national search queries. So how do you design your website well enough to make yours stand out from the crowd and make your company memorable for future and current clients? Below we’ve helped compile a list of issues you may be facing and suggestions for improving your website.

Problems Facing The Industry


Often brands for major industries like this can look cookie-cutter so much that it’s hard to tell them apart. Sometimes they have the same colors or same symbols within their logo that often get confusing. Everyone automatically connects energy type companies with green leaves, trees, and natural elements anyway. Because of this, it’s easy for customers to glance at the logo and look over it without a second glance. Energy companies often forget that the earth is made up of more than just leaves and trees. More than natural elements are effected by alternative energy resources.


Even if you don’t cost as much as other companies, customers will still expect a lot of cost to be put into switching over to renewable energy sources instead of whatever options they’ve been using. The truth is, whether you are comparing to other companies or regular energy resources alternative energy is pricy. So instead of proving that you are the cheapest company on the market, you need to be working to prove to your customers why they need your renewable energy source and why it’s better than what they are using whether you are building windmills or installing solar panels.

Finding the New Customer or Educated Customers

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who celebrate renewable energy and those who laugh at it. The former is a comparatively small group though it continues to grow a little each day. Of course, it’ll be easy to reach those who care enough to willingly switch over to renewable, but reaching the largest group of potential customers already using non-renewable energy is a challenge. This is mostly because non-renewable energy sources hold the majority of the market so business owners have to find a way to make their voices louder than the largest marketers who have been in business much longer.

Positive Politics

While renewable energy is often seen as a positive in politics this can also create red tape among renewable energy sources. Not to mention that many politicians already have pockets with large non-renewable companies that can harm the potential growth for new renewable energy contracts and deals especially from new companies Now companies need to fight against negative political commentary and market their company as having positive impacts on the environment.

Oversupply and Undersupply

Almost all major businesses have or are planning on going to alternative resources at some point. Because of new government regulations and the upscale of the market, but this fast upscale has created more of a supply than the demand for major industries. On the opposite hand, the majority of citizens are still using non-renewable sources. Especially in areas where alternative energy is almost impossible to find. This creates more of a demand than supply for alternative energy source companies, but most tend to focus on major corporations rather than small consumers.

How To Spruce Up Your Website

Add Charity

A recent company not related to renewable energy recently created their elf on the shelf and used it as a way to drive charity giving. The drive saw an uptick in internet sales and in-person sales for the company. Adding charity campaigns you participate it can offer a similar look that will separate you from the competition and add a fun, unique look to your website. Even if you just add fun facts of different ways you support your local charities.

Comparison Charts

Okay, this may sound strange. But do you know how much non-renewable energy your company has stopped or how much impact your alternative energy resources have saved? Include this on your website. For instance “We’ve saved….trees”. Or “we’ve save… hours of fossil fuel usage”. Include pictures if you can. This makes an impact in proving how much your company is needed to improve the environment and why customers need your resources.

Blog Posts Upgrade

Most companies include blog posts like why alternative energy is needed or projects they’ve worked on. Instead, try sprucing up blog posts with information about how customers can use your resources. You can include videos of how your resources have impacted your customers and different ways customers can customize your resources to fit their needs. Even add areas and environments that have been protected by using your resources to build a bigger connection.

Don’t Just Share Your Services

Almost every company shares whatever services they already offer on the company and how theirs compare to whomever the competition is. That’s great to read, but why not share how your services are improving. Are you working hard on new political deals to improve your renewable energy? Share this information on the service page so customers can know in advance what to possibly expect in the future.

Energy Saving Calculator

This is something that is fun and engaging for customers. Besides just showing them how you can protect the environment around you, you can also share how they can improve their local resources through this unique calculator that tells them how much energy they can save with your business.

A Map of your Services

Continue to show the customer how you are doing and areas you need to focus on for improving solar energy. Make a map of locations and areas you service. You can do this without adding business names and customers by showing a dot on the map and including how many homes or businesses, you service in that area. You can also add a service goal or something like “We want to serve 100 more homes in your area to protect against ___ hours of fossil fuels being used”.

Be educative

Don’t just think about informative blog posts. Provide links to ted talks or even host your energy chats that provide links on how the business is growing and challenges that the industry is facing. Add ways customers can help and become an active supporter of energy resources other than just purchasing your product. This will show them that you care more about alternative energy rather than just finding new customers.

Marketing for Alternative Energy Services is a challenge no matter which way you look at it. Your goal shouldn’t be to recite the same information every other company is including but finding ways that your company can stand out in the market. These struggles and tips should provide some basic problems to consider and possible solutions.