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The Beginner’s Guide to Effectively Use Evangelism Marketing

Evangelism marketing is an advanced form of word of mouth marketing. This marketing technique is usually free of charge because the consumers are the ones who try to influence their friends and family members to try out a product. Evangelism marketing is considered as one of the most effective ways on how companies can generate more sales because people trust the recommendation from someone they know. This kind of marketing is also an honest review of the product, and because of the genuine motive of a person recommending the product, the people who have heard their testimonials would give the product or service a try.

Compared to other forms of marketing, evangelism marketing requires a minimal budget. The only thing that the companies need to work on is to improve the quality of the product or service that they offer so that it can be referred by the consumers to the people they know. When the companies are not adhering to their goal of providing quality products and services, the consumers might also use evangelism marketing against them, telling their friends and family members about their unfortunate experience. This can lead to the downfall of the company, especially when a complaint goes viral on social media.

Evangelism marketing is a very effective marketing tool, and companies need to take advantage of it to generate more profit. The things that the customers like about a product or services is its honesty, and if you are a business owner, make sure that all of the claims about your product or service is accurate. Do not advertise something that the product is not capable of, because the consumers would feel cheated and they can influence other people to stay away from your company. Evangelism marketing is one of the reasons why big businesses are careful when it comes to the presentation of their products and services. They advertise it as accurately as possible and influence the public to share their good experiences with the product or service.

Through the years, the nature of evangelism marketing did not change. People are still eager to make a review about a product or service that they recently purchased or received. This type of advertising is performed for free, but the companies need to work hard to make their product or service appealing to the public. While this advertising strategy is performed by the consumers free of charge, there are still others who are doing it for a small incentive, but they believe in the product or service and they wanted others to follow suit.

According to studies, people are more likely to trust the recommendation from someone they knew. If it about a product or service that a consumer had tried in the past, there is a higher chance for the listeners to try the product or service too and see if the effects are the same. Evangelism marketing generates a huge amount of profit, and companies are eager to use this strategy for their advantage.

Benefits of Evangelism Marketing

It provides unbiased advertising

When an individual is sharing his or her experience about a product or service, he or she can be considered as a customer evangelist. They provide unbiased advertising about a product, and they are using their experiences as the basis whether the people they know should buy it or not. The recommendation from a friend or family member is powerful enough to help a product or service gain exposure, and companies rely on customer evangelists to help their brands succeed. One of the best examples would be the way restaurants are handling their customers. Whenever a customer comes in, a good restaurant will provide the best service for the customer, hoping that they will share their experience to their friends and family members who might also visit the restaurant in the future. Companies benefit from unbiased advertising because it is honest and more believable than paid advertisements.

It creates a happy customer base

When a company looks after the welfare of its consumers, they will follow their recommendations that can have a positive impact on the brand. Keeping the consumers happy is important for a business, and when a consumer is satisfied with the product or service that they paid for, they will recommend it to others they know. The genuine feedback made by the consumers will also influence others to try out the product or service. When a business has a huge network of happy consumers, they already got the advantage of having more people promote their products for free. A huge network of the trusted consumer base is important for any business that wishes to stay longer in the industry. However, they might be pressured to follow what the majority wanted, and any deviation from the tradition might bring in a huge backlash from the consumers.

It provides the companies with a long-term promotion

A company will last longer if the consumers are happy with their products and services. Through evangelism marketing, a company will outlive its competitors especially if the consumers keep on promoting them for free. As more people become familiar with the brand, it is guaranteed to stay for a longer period until a better competitor arrives. Long-term promotion can last for generations, and businesses need to focus on this goal because it would assure them of profits for years. The longest-surviving brands today have taken advantage of the long-term promotion from their consumers. It was a great decision because they are benefiting from the promotion even today.

Trends in Evangelism Marketing

Encourage the Consumers to Create a User Generated Content

The internet gave rise to social media, and many people are using these social media platforms to communicate with their friends and family members. One of the most recent trends in the present is the creation of a user-generated content that they can share to the people inside their circle. It could be an honest review of a product or service through writing a blog post or creating a video blog. This trend can build trust, and it can give the brand a positive image. Companies that want to take advantage of consumers who are creating user-generated content should focus on three key factors – making a buzz online using a unique hashtag, providing incentives to those who will share contents like photos, videos, and GIFs, and creating a community for those who are loyal to the product. When consumers are creating user-generated content, make sure to create a unique hashtag that they can use to let their followers know about an active campaign. It will be easier to follow the product or service if it has a unique hashtag. When the consumers are sharing the photos, videos, and GIFs that are related to the campaign, make sure to give them an incentive – it can be in the form of coupons, discounts, or freebies. Lastly, when the consumers are showing loyalty to a certain brand, the companies should take it as an opportunity to build an active community for them where they can learn news and updates about their trusted brand.

Sharing honest reviews from the consumers on a website

Companies should look at the reviews made by the consumers and consider putting it in a place where more people can see it. The review can be posted on a page that is connected to the company, or the social media page of the brand that is promoted. When visitors check out the brand website, it should be the first thing that they should see to encourage them in buying the brand.

Activate the product rating feature on a website

People are more likely to give the product an honest review if there is a product rating feature on the company’s website. When the consumers see a group of five blank stars, it would influence them to give their honest remark about the product or service given by the company.

Providing incentives to consumers

To encourage consumers to continue their stint as a customer evangelist, some companies are offering them with rewards and other incentives. This is an effective way to promote the brand in the long-term run.

Statistics about Evangelism Marketing

  • Evangelism marketing represents $6 trillion of annual consumer spending, and it is directly responsible for 13% of the total consumer sales.
  • 90% of consumers are more likely to trust and buy a brand that was recommended by a family member or a friend.
  • The impression resulting from evangelism marketing is five times higher compared to paid advertisements.
  • 88% of consumers have the highest level of trust in a recommendation that came from people they are familiar with.
  • 28% of consumers believe evangelism marketing is an important strategy when it comes to strengthening or eroding the affinity of a brand.
  • 64% of marketing executives believe that evangelism marketing and word of mouth advertising, in general, is the most effective marketing strategy.
  • 82% of marketers use evangelism marketing to increase the awareness about the products and services that they offer, while 43% of marketers are using evangelism marketing to improve the generation of direct sales.

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