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Alcoholic Beverage Company Marketing Ideas To Increase Sales

Over the past years, the alcoholic beverage industry has been sharply defined by the millennial generation. In the coming year, the alcoholic beverage category is expected to be shaped more by generation Z. A lot of digitization is expected in the future, with generation Z being more involved with the latest technology.

Challenges are facing the alcoholic beverage industry

Establishing an online presence

The distribution of beers, spirits, and wines is very steadfast in tradition. While most enterprises are switching to online markets to have a broader range of clients, the alcoholic beverage category has lagged, still maintaining its unique stance.

Many brands will have to walk the journey alone or partner with popular online distributors to have their names deeply anchored in the market. In the United States, the online spirits and wines presence is still pale compared to other foreign nations. Either way, brands should remain woke and adapt to an online method of advertising their brands to stay competitive.

Clients require ethical brands

This is one of the chief challenges facing the industry. Alcoholic beverages transcend all ages and both genders as long as they have attained the legal age to take alcohol. Consumers being lead by Generation Z are more conscientious and anticipating that brands will start producing gender-neutral products.

Recently, we witnessed this trend come to reality with Johnny Walker, a well-known whiskey producer introducing a logo that depicted the female gender. Currently, drinking is no longer a man’s game. If alcoholic beverage organizations want to remain relevant in the market, they will have to go back to the drawing board and restructure their campaigns. They will have to tailor in an all-inclusive campaign that targets both genders.

Alcoholic beverages have more competition

Policies are being developed every day in the United States to see the legal use of Marijuana. This is a rising tide that is slowly growing in popularity. It is silently hampering the development of the beverage industry. Gladly, the female gender, which represents a significant portion of consumers in the beverage category, is not riding along the new green path.

Females still favor spirits and wine. If beverage organizations want to remain relevant, they will have to heed to the gender-neutral advice discussed above and restructure their campaigns. They need to attract more females in the consumer bracket.

Functioning with regulations

Laws and regulations are among the most significant problems facing the spirits, wine, and beer companies that trade within the US. Apart from federal laws, there are state laws that companies are required to comply with to produce and sell their products.

Apart from meeting both federal and state legislation, there is a significant concern regarding taxation. Again, taxation differs from one state to another. This further makes everything more complex as alcoholic beverage firms attempt to distribute their products.

Moderation and little portions

With marijuana consumption on the rise and becoming a major competitor, the alcoholic beverage industry ought to consider how they pack their products. They have to be mindful of how they present their items.

Marijuana is touted to be a healthier product compared to alcoholic beverages. If the beverage industry wants consumers to take them seriously, they will have to take more measures that will incorporate smaller serving options or pack sizes.

Offering smaller packed products will assist in balancing the desire of products for both new and more mature consumers. Companies will have to win the marijuana race if they want to remain relevant.

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Seven marketing ideas for the Alcoholic and beverage industry

Marketing is crucial. It ensures that the industry reaches out and attracts new customers. It also keeps them re-using the products. Various beverage brands need to stand out, capture the attention, and give consumers the reason to choose their items over other competitors.

Social media advertising

When done correctly, the social media platform can be a big help to reach out to potential consumers successfully. Various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have millions of followers and users that flock every day. The industry should take advantage of the ads that the platforms sell and get to showcase their products.

Games and activities

Brands should come up with unique ways of entertaining consumers to keep them interested. The more consumers remain engaged in the products, the more the profits. One of the ways the alcoholic beverage can entertain consumers is by encouraging them to share their products with family and friends. They can also choose entertaining activities like roadshows, TV lotteries, and sports sponsorship.

Brands should target social activities like soccer, football, or basketball. They should associate themselves with significant teams by sponsoring them while the clubs advertise the brands.

Host Live music

Organizing concerts and artists performing on a big stage can be another way of marketing. Famous artists can be involved in the show where they perform and lyrically advertise the brands. Popular artists have many followers. Through their influence, they can market the products.

Partnering with local businesses

The alcoholic beverage industry should start partnering with like-minded businesses like clubs and pubs. Together they can organize for pop-up events. This is a successful way of joining forces and connecting businesses.

Start brand blogs

Blogs that talk about the various products that brands offer can market the industry. Brands should come up with a team of experts to create content that can drive awareness. The blogs should be engaging and positively discussing the brand and their items. The blogs should be posted regularly, either weekly or monthly.

One of the first companies to do this was Budweiser when they launched a blog that was specifically about the Clydesdale Horses.

Get involved in charities

There is nothing so heartwarming like giving back to the community. Brands can be involved in community social activities like sports. They can donate foodstuffs, sponsor kids to go to school, clear medical bills, among other things. The industry should attempt to create a good image of their brands. As they engage in all these activities, they get to build a name and win the hearts of consumers.

The alcoholic beverage industry has to step up and meet the demands of consumers. They have to devise ways to keep them interested. They should create atmospheres that can attract both genders to enjoy their products and also retain them afterward.

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